The Funniest Things Women Did the Week of June 14

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It's that time, friends, when we bring you a roundup of the funniest things women have said and/or done this week for your laughing pleasure!

This week, we've got tweets, TikToks, spot-on satire, and more. To kick us off, here are some LOL-worthy tweets you're gonna want to share:

Other moments from the last seven days that'll make you crack a smile:

1. Mariah Carey did the "Wipe It Down" TikTok trend.

Carey threw it back on Wednesday, posting a video of herself taking part in the Wipe It Down TikTok trend from last year. Carey said in a tweet that the video was also taken last year and was in honor of the anniversary of her song, "Obsessed." The song, which came out in 2009, was rumored to be about a former flame, rapper Eminem, and the TikTok... well, let's just say it alludes to that rumor. Also, is it just us or does Ms. Carey make a convincing rapper?

2. Reductress was on-point this week.

Women's satire site Reductress usually has us laughing at our desks, but this headline hit home just a little more this week: Wow! This Woman Can Only Relax if She’s Sick. Our favorite quote from the article? “I’m doing a part-time masters program, I work as a server, babysit when I can, and I do social media for my friend’s jewelry business for free,” says Leah. “So I’m pretty busy, but when my body actually shuts down from illness, I do really soak in that time of relaxation.”

3. North West had a poop-themed birthday party. 

North West had a poop-themed birthday party because, apparently, her favorite emoji is the grinning poop. Mom Kim Kardashian even posted a photo of North and her friends each wearing a poop-emoji onesie with the caption “Poop Diddy Scoop kinda slumber party.” Does anything else really need to be said?

4. This woman on TikTok acted out "Harry Potter" scenes.

TikTok user Kimberly Pizzo does reenactments of scenes from Harry Potter films on her account. Even if you're not a Harry Potter fan, you need to watch them all. From her costume changes to the pitch-perfect inflections she matches from various actors' delivery in the films, Pizzo should get the first Oscar for TikToks if they ever dole one out.


I CAN TOUCH YOU NOW ft @tyler_warwick #fypシ #foryou #4u #harrypotter #voldemort #gobletoffire

♬ original sound - Kimberly Pizzo

See anything hilarious in the wild? Feel free to DM us on @circlearoundofficial on Instagram to send us your funny tips!

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