The Funniest Things Women Did This Week - September 13

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It's that time, friends, when we bring you a roundup of the funniest things women have said and/or done this week for your laughing pleasure! Our tee-hee-hee tweets of the week are:

Other moments of hilarity have included:

Drew Barrymore’s Adorable Reaction to This ‘Never Been Kissed Moment’

Michael Vartan decided that after 22 years, he’d be super candid about how … uh … excited he got during a big kissing scene with Drew Barrymore in the 1999 rom-com Never Been Kissed. While this is technically a moment shared by a dude, Barrymore’s adorably embarrassed reaction to the anecdote is worth the watch and most certainly sent us into a fit of giggles. Also, now we need to rewatch Never Been Kissed ASAP.

These Women’s Dance Moves to Ward off Unwanted Attention

There’s a trend on TikTok that features users, specifically women, showing off the “dance moves” they use at bars or clubs to keep men from approaching them, and the results have been nothing less than fantastic. TikToker Gabrielle Alexandra DePietro may have taken the cake with her moves, which include the “shin/crotch kick,” “finger thrust,” and the “classic clench,” which features some intense butt-clenching and awkward eye contact. We can pretty much guarantee that no one will talk to you if you’re doing any of those moves, but you will make people laugh.

This Met Gala Look That Had Us Doing Double-Takes

Monday marked the first Met Gala in nearly two years, and the looks did not disappoint. While some brought the glitz and glam for the American fashion-themed fete, Kim Kardashian took another approach in an all-black ensemble that made her look more like a shadow than a real-life person. The resulting photographs of Kardashian have been nothing short of hilarious. This one of her and her sister Kendall Jenner? We’re cackling.

See anything hilarious in the wild? Feel free to DM us on @circlearoundofficial on Instagram to send us your funny tips!

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