Ho-Ho-Hold The Phone: There's A Santa Claus Shortage

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This year’s holiday season is in need of far more ho-ho-ho-ing, and there are legitimate statistics to back up the hard truth that there’s an actual shortage of Santas.

Every year, children far and wide visit their local malls or shops to take photographs with Santa Claus. This year, a new report in Insider notes that there’s been a massive uptick in how many Santas are in demand. In a statement to the publication, HireSanta.com founder Mitch Allen said that his site “has seen a 121% increase in people reaching out to have Santa at an event this year compared to the past two years.”

While it’s a delight in one respect to see that so many people want to celebrate their Christmas cheer with the big man himself, Allen also noted an incredibly sad result of COVID-19 to the Washington Post that impacted his site.

"Several hundred Santas and Mrs. Clauses, over the last 18 months, have passed away, and it's just a tragedy,” said Allen. This accounted for about 10% fewer Santa Claus entertainers for him to employ.

There are also plenty of older entertainers who have either retired in the last two years or aren’t doing the work anymore, likely for fear of getting sick with COVID-19.

Allen went on to tell the Post that he’s seen "hundreds of people a day have been reaching out to us," and that while they “always sell out on weekends,” it’s normally after Thanksgiving. This year, Allen’s Santas were reportedly all “fully committed for every weekend by the first week of November.”

And it’s only Allen’s website that’s been affected. Doug Eberhardt, a Santa based in Charlotte, North Carolina, has also seen a rise in demand. “Across the board, I’ve seen an uptick in the number of requests, but once I’m full, I’m full. I’ve got 92 gigs booked between now and Christmas,” he told the Post.

If you’ve ever wanted a career as a part-time Santa Claus, the moment has never been more ripe.

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