People Are Giving Their Pets Eggs to See if They Know They're Fragile

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If you’re like us and spend hours on TikTok watching the hundreds of various challenges, you’re going to be excited to have another one to look out for: It involves people’s pets and … eggs.

The challenge — which appears to have bubbled up at some point in late 2019 — involves a person taking an uncooked egg and placing it in front of their pet. It’s unclear where the advice behind the challenge came from, but the idea is that animals will somehow know the egg is fragile and therefore will take care of the egg so it doesn’t shatter or crack.

“Apparently if you give a cat an egg, they protect it because it’s fragile,” says user @annafromTiktok in a video from earlier this year that results in the cat in the video curiously licking the egg that's placed amidst its fur.

Most of those participating in the trend have presented their eggs to either a cat or dog and, much like @annafromTikTok’s video, a lot of those pets are not sure what to make of the eggs. Some curl up around them while others push them around a bit. Many ultimately shatter the egg, proving that perhaps the rumor that animals know eggs are fragile is simply that: a rumor. At any rate, the scenario is wildly entertaining to watch and will surely make you want to give an egg to your own pet.

[Note: If your pet cracks the egg, be sure to clean the mess up quickly so they don't eat any of it. Raw or undercooked eggs are not pet-safe. We also wouldn’t advise you bringing an egg to a friend’s pet without permission.]


Why do I do this 😂

♬ Egg Boi - annao

Another iteration of this type of challenge includes giving toddlers eggs. A series of those videos can be seen in Time. [As with pets, don't let toddler eat raw egg if the egg cracks!] Their pure wonderment at the object is so heartwarming. You’re welcome in advance for the hour of time that these videos are going to fill.

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