The Funniest Things Women Did the Week of Jan. 17

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It's that time, friends, when we bring you a roundup of the funniest things women have said and/or done this week for your laughing pleasure!

Our quality tweets of the week:

And here’s even more hilarity that ensued in the last several days:

1This Woman Having a Meltdown While Paragliding

While paragliding with her husband, this woman could not keep it together —  and it’s one of the funniest things we’ve seen in months. The woman, clearly having been convinced to paraglide by her husband, shouts various things in another language — including that she’d like to kill her husband for pushing her to do this adrenaline-pumping activity, as per The India Times. We wouldn’t want to be her husband when they hit the ground.

2Martha Stewart’s Wild Reason for Breaking up With Sir Anthony Hopkins

Stewart has come clean about why she had to break up with Sir Anthony Hopkins and it’s for a pretty wild reason that’s probably not as funny for Hopkins as it is for us. The home decor queen apparently dated the actor in the ‘90s, but recently revealed to Ellen Degeneres that she had to dump him “because I couldn't stop thinking of him as Hannibal Lecter." "I have a big scary house in Maine that's way by itself on 100 acres in the forest and I couldn't even imagine taking Anthony Hopkins there," Martha told Ellen. "I couldn't, all I could think of was him eating, you know..." 

3A Woman Rode Her Horse Through a McDonald’s Drive-Thru

A woman rode her horse through a McDonald’s drive-thru in England and we have zero notes. Perfect execution, frankly. We’re jealous we didn’t think of it first. Our only question is whether or not the horse got fries.

4This Too-Real Essay on Aging

A comedian wrote a piece for the New Yorker titled, Things I Am Actually Aging Like, Instead of a Fine Wine and we’ve never related more to something than we do this entry: “A flat seltzer: I still have some flavor, but my effervescence is fast escaping.”

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