The Funniest Things Women Did the Week of Jan. 3

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It's that time, friends, when we bring you a roundup of the funniest things women have said and/or done this week for your laughing pleasure.

This week, there was no shortage of truly incredible tweets to make us laugh out loud as we chug our third coffee of the day. Here's a smattering of our personal favorites:

And here are some other moments that are sure to put a smile on your face this week:

1This Trailer for Kristen Bell’s New Hilarious Series

A trailer for a new series starring Kristen Bell dropped this week, and it’s already promising some serious laughs. Titled The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window, the Netflix show looks like it plays with all the tropes we’ve seen in the female-driven-slasher-book-adaptation flicks, like Gone Girl and The Woman in the Window. Bell’s character, named Anna, is a wine-drinking witness to a murder who can’t seem to get anyone to believe her. Lest you think it’s all gloom and darkness, the trailer has quite a few laugh-out-loud moments, and from what we’ve seen of Bell’s oeuvre (The Good Place is comedic gold!), we’re definitely in for some good lols.

2This Mom-Reporter’s Expert Way of Handling Her Son’s Tantrum

This mom and former news reporter figured out an expert way to handle her 2-year-old son’s temper tantrum. In a now mega-viral TikTok video, Kayla Sullivan tells viewers that she’s "reporting live from outside my son's bedroom where he is currently being detained until naptime is over.” She jokingly confirms “my son is a 2-year-old terrorist who held me hostage at the Olive Garden earlier today” and that "this is an active investigation but authorities believed the proper precautions were taken.” Mom goals?

3This Woman’s Reaction to a UFO Sighting

Look, if you saw a UFO, you’d have a wild reaction too. A Tennessee woman recorded what appears to be a UFO in the sky and offered some truly incredible commentary in a video obtained by TMZ. The video shows a series of bright lights strewn throughout the sky forming various shapes while the woman exclaims, “What is that, y’all… Oh my god.” Who among us hasn’t been there? You can watch the whole video here.

See anything hilarious in the wild? Feel free to DM us at @circlearoundofficial on Instagram to send us your funny tips!

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