These Kids Leaving Video Messages for Their Deployed Father Are Adorable

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A heartwarming video of children leaving daily messages for their deployed father made the rounds on the Internet last week, just in time to invoke even more holiday feels.

“Hi Daddy, I miss you,” says a little girl at the start of the video, which is spliced with footage of the young girl and her brother greeting their father, Major Peter DeCrans, via the Ring Video Doorbell.

Later in the video, the children share with their father that they got haircuts, are excited about school, and even began riding a bike sans training wheels. All of the little interactions paint a picture of a family working to stay connected despite the distance.

The story behind the video is that DeCrans — who had been deployed in Kuwait when these videos were taken — and his wife Cierra purchased the doorbell for their home in Forest Lake, Minnesota. That way, DeCrans could stay involved in the day-to-day goings-on in his home from afar and “keep an eye” on things, as per the Ring brand’s blog.

"That was a big deal to him," Cierra told the brand, to have the ability to “always reach out and know what was going on at his own home."

The family ultimately found an even better way to use the doorbell. On a near-daily basis, Cierra and Peter’s 7-year old son Zerick and 5-year-old daughter Petroula used the doorbell to share stories about their day. They would tell Peter in Kuwait about the things they learned in school and even celebrate birthdays.

"That was a big deal to him, [to] always reach out and know what was going on at his own home."

“I was able to see that she was wearing a princess gown and bringing cookies to her classroom. You can't be there, but you still feel connected,” said Peter regarding a video he saw about Petroula’s birthday.

Ultimately, the videos helped the family overcome scheduling conflicts and differing time zones.

"You could just tell that it helped them deal with the deployment,” explained Cierra. "They went up to [the doorbell], and they just knew that [their dad] was going to be on the other end.”

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