3 Ways to Manage Anxiety in the Current Social Climate

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This post is part of a series in which we asked writers for their thoughts on allyship and combating racism.

As a woman of color, I have personally experienced injustices based on my race and skin pigmentation since I was a little girl. Colorism runs deep in the South Asian community, and it's something I’ve struggled with for years. This doesn’t come close to what our Black communities have faced, and the Black Lives Matter movement has forced us to face the elephant in the room rather than continue to put our head in the sand.

Here are three things I’ve been personally doing to help me cope in our current social climate: 

1. Limit Social Media

I’ve noticed that my brain and emotions start to get wonky when I spend too much time on social media and engage with content that is personally triggering. I’ve learned that I can show support while setting personal boundaries on my social feed.

2. Connect with Those Whom I Trust

Humans are designed for personal connection. It’s been incredibly helpful for me to share my personal experiences as a person of color with my Black, people of color, and white friends whom I dearly trust. It’s important to have a safe place to share what’s been coming up for me, and also to identify how I can support others who are experiencing negative emotion in our current social climate.

3. Breathe and Recharge

Carving out time to meditate and recharge has been the cherry on top in helping me feel grounded in these times. Finding my breath and connecting with my soul reminds me that I’m in alignment and I am safe. Recharging includes things like going for a walk, drinking tea, and journaling to release any of the remaining anxiety that I’m holding in my body.

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Syeda Neary

Syeda is a human design life coach. She helps you build a life you love and enjoy with confidence in alignment with your Human Design. See Full Bio

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