4 Ways Coloring Can Positively Impact Your Daily Life

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Coloring books are not just for kids anymore. This childhood pastime has swiftly become a favorite adult activity in the past few years, based on its positive health benefits, according to research from sources like Cleveland Clinic.

Mackenzie Bakewell, a multimedia artist and author based in the Pacific Northwest, leads mindful coloring workshops that teach people how to use coloring to its fullest potential. She’s the creator of Journey Of Colors, an all-ages coloring book product line, and the author of Coloring is Good for You: 13 Reasons to Color Daily.

“Coloring is a great way to relax, get creative, and have fun making art in your everyday life,” Bakewell tells CircleAround. “I use mindful coloring as a tool to manage my stress because it is naturally able to lower cortisol as well as be an outlet for tension to be released.”

Bakewell enlightened us with more benefits coloring can provide. 

1A Positive Distraction

Coloring is an excellent choice when you need a brain break from work or a low-key way to meditate

In minutes, your thoughts will drift into a different, more constructive headspace. According to Bakewell, it “shifts the focus of our attention, and it can move the mind away from the fear and worry that chaos can create.” 

2Coloring Connects People

Many found coloring to be their new favorite hobby during COVID-19, whether coloring as a tool to fight boredom during the lockdown or as a way to connect with loved ones far away. 

“Chaos and disorder can be incredibly stressful, and I have found that the key is focusing the mind on gratitude,” Bakewell adds. Sending off a coloring book to friends you miss or sharing a finished coloring book page in a group chat are simple but easy ways to show you care.

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3Boost Your Daily Routine

Bakewell emphasizes coloring as a daily practice. “As I color, I allow my mind to unwind and focus my thoughts on things I’m thankful for in that exact moment in time,” she explains. 

“It is a perfect addition to a morning routine or as a tool to relax into sleep,” she adds. She provides additional ways to incorporate coloring into your daily routine on her Medium page.

Photo Credit: ZieBee Media

4Shift Your Perspective

A true artist by nature, Bakewell can find the bright side of any situation, primarily as she explores the world.

“Admiring the visionary paintings by local artists that filled every shop, I saw how the darkness and shadows were the keys to seeing the vibrant and colorful light,” she explains. “In this setting, I was struck by how easily that concept translated to life itself. The hardships we experience are the painting’s shadows, providing contrast so we can better enjoy the beauty surrounding us.”

5The Bottom Line

Color itself can lighten up any situation, so the next time you’re feeling stressed or simply looking for a new activity to pass the time, reach for a coloring book and some crayons. Your brain will thank you for it.

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