5 Easy Ways To Organize Your Bathroom Right Now

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The bathroom may be the smallest room in your home, but its size shouldn’t compromise the serenity of a bubble bath, warm shower, or nightly skincare routine. This space can easily become cluttered if you aren’t careful, which is why CircleAround asked Jordan Collins, a home improvement and interior design professional at Two Lions 11, for her favorite bathroom organization tips. Here's what she had to say. 

1. Create a Stylish Storage System

So many bathroom items — extra toothbrushes, tweezers, etc. — are tiny and oddly-shaped. Other things, like unopened soap boxes or dental floss, might have packaging that clashes with your overall aesthetic. Whatever the case, bathroom organization starts with proper storage. 

“I always recommend keeping the cabinets and drawers as organized as possible by using storage dividers, storage boxes, and anything else that can help you keep your belongings in a tidy style,” Collins advises. “Using see-through containers is also a great idea as it makes finding supplies quick and easy,” she adds. “You can also use acrylic, plastic, or glass holders for your supplies.”

2. Label Away

Labels create an easy way to know what goes where. If you don’t have a label-maker, try stickers, scotch tape with a marker, or dry erase markers. 

“If you share a house with roommates, you can use labels or color-coded storage items to easily find your way around what is yours and what is theirs,” Collins tells CircleAround.

3. Maximize Cabinet Real Estate

Use every inch of your bathroom to keep things neat and tidy. Collins recommends using the back of cabinet doors for storing extra items. “You can use hooks or a magnetic memo board installed on the door,” she says. 

4. Layer Up

It might sound obvious, but utilize all of the space under the sink. There is a lot of height down there so feel free to fill it up. “You can store your cleaning supplies and different essentials using a bucket, boxes, or a two-tiered shelf organizer for extra space,” Collins suggests. 

“A pull-out cabinet shelf is another must-have in the bathroom,” she adds. It can be used in your cabinets and is a great way to store a lot of things in a limited space.”

5. Give Drawers a Facelift

Adding new drawer pulls, a new shower curtain, or other cosmetic updates, can be exactly what’s needed to make your bathroom look more pulled together. 

Drawer fronts are also a neat and beautiful way to organize the bathroom and store items,” Collins states. “They not only serve as storage but are a great accessory that can improve the interior.”

The Bottom Line

Organizing your bathroom can be as simple as getting bins and labels. But even the smallest change can help create a space that feels good. After all, most of us start our mornings in the bathroom, so properly organizing it can help us feel relaxed and renewed for the day to come. 

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