Dry Brushing: Is It Worth the Hype?

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Let’s be honest — a lot of holistic treatments get a bad rap. This can be rightfully earned as some treatments make outlandish claims and then fail to live up to them. However, there are many holistic treatments that have devoted supporters, having proved their merit. So… you may be wondering whether dry brushing is one of them.

What Is Dry Brushing? 

Dry brushing is a type of exfoliation that takes the form of rubbing a brush with coarse, natural-fiber bristles all over the body, usually in a specific pattern. The practice has been around for centuries as a part of Ayurvedic medicine. Many of us incorporate some form of exfoliation into our skincare routines in order to rid ourselves of dead skin, to make our skin softer and smoother, and to improve the look of our skin. Dry brushing is said to accomplish these results and more. 

Benefits of Dry Brushing

Some of the purported benefits of dry brushing are stimulation of the body’s lymphatic system, stimulation of the skin’s collagen production, promotion of the body’s inclination to rid itself of toxins, increased circulation and energy, and helping to lessen the appearance of cellulite by breaking it down — all in addition to exfoliation.

I Tried Dry Brushing To See if It Actually Works

I had been interested in dry brushing for a long time but could never stick to a routine, until a few months ago when I decided to commit to a healthy eating reset from Sakara Life. As part of their detox and reset program, they include a dry brush and instructions on how to use it. I decided to fully commit to the program, which meant dry brushing my skin at least once a day. As a yo-yo dieter for most of my life, I have noticed my skin beginning to show some wear and tear and it’s not bouncing back from weight loss the way it used to. My hope was that dry brushing would help with my overall health, and with my skin concerns, as well.

Dry Brushing Had Some Unexpected Mental Health Benefits

After finishing my reset program, I continued to dry brush three to five times a week. I wake up, drink some herbal tea, and put on a low impact TV show to help ease myself into the day as I dry brush my entire body. An unexpected dry brushing benefit was that I enjoyed slowing down my typical rush to get ready in the morning. Dry brushing forced me to take my time and focus on myself, my body, and how I feel. It provides a meditative quality I didn’t realize I was missing. 

What About the Physical Benefits? 

The big question has been, “have I seen the physical benefits of dry brushing?” The answer is twofold. Yes, I have seen benefits. My skin is exfoliated and noticeably softer. I’m unsure if dry brushing is the panacea for the numerous skin ailments some people claim it to be. I think my skin is tighter than it was before I was dry brushing, but it’s hard to know for certain. 

The Bottom Line

Even without certainty of the miraculous nature of dry brushing, I am determined to keep practicing it. The idea that dry brushing helps the appearance of skin seems sound. Exfoliation speeds up the turnover of your skin cells, increasing collagen production and helping to diminish scars, stretch marks, and cellulite. I have learned I enjoy the time to myself dry brushing has given me. And the soft skin isn’t bad either.

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