Make Dry Skin a Thing of the Past

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One of my least favorite things is having dry skin or chapped lips. It is so uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. The rising temperatures and having to wear a mask every time I leave the house definitely don't help. I have always had problem skin — dry in some places but oily in others, and insanely sensitive. The past few months, I have spent a lot of time researching products and trying new things to try to find what works for my skin.

First of all, ladies, we need to be drinking our water. When your body is hydrated, your skin is hydrated. Getting more than enough water each day will help your skin so much, so grab that water bottle.

have also started using detox masks made with bentonite clay once a week. Bentonite clay makes your face feel like it’s pulsing and pulls all of the impurities out of your skin. It’s incredible.

Dry Skin Hacks

My absolute best decision was ditching face lotion. I used to use so many products that were cream-based. These are usually thick and end up sitting on the top of your skin. If you’ve got sensitive skin like me, this means they are also clogging your pores and leading to breakouts. I always thought I was fixing my dry skin problem, but my dry patches never went away and I just added breakouts on top of them. I now use a face serum. I personally like the ones made with very few ingredients that are super nourishing. Rather than sitting on top of my skin, they soak in, and my face immediately feels hydrated. This has been the biggest game changer for me.

For my lips, I have switched to lip butters instead of ChapSticks. They soak into your lips instead of rubbing off the second you take a drink of water or eat something. For both my lips and my face, I started exfoliating once a week, as well. It takes all that dry skin off your face instead of just putting products on top of it.

The biggest thing to remember when you are overhauling your skin-care routine is that it's going to take time. Your skin doesn’t bounce back overnight, so stay the course, and, I promise, your skin will thank you for it.

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