Her Honey-Based Cold Remedy Built Her Career

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Joyce Dales was familiar with the word “immunocompromised'' even before news broadcasts amplified the term for the general public. A history of family members battling cancer, infections, and a nearly life-threatening reaction to over-the-counter cold medicine made her hyperaware of just how compromised immune systems could be. It wasn’t until her daughter required emergency open heart surgery, however, that she realized the health of her loved ones would become the focus of her life — and eventually the inspiration for her honey-based cold remedy empire.

Now Dales Runs a Company to Help Families Like Hers

Today, Dales is the president of Buzzagogo, and the maker of Cold Bee Gone Nasal Swab Remedy. “I hope my little home remedy can help take the fear and the sting out of every cold and flu season from here on out,” she tells CircleAround. In a few years she’s gone from dealing with sticky situations in her home to running company operations out of a 1972 Airstream van she and her family use to travel around the U.S.

Her daughter, adopted from Vietnam, was considered immunocompromised based on a legacy defect attributed to Agent Orange. In an attempt to reduce the dangers associated with higher complication risks from everyday germs, Dales got to work creating her own homeopathic remedies. That’s when she created a proprietary super honey blend called Cold Bee Gone, and began her entrepreneurship journey. 

Her Product Enhances the ‘Booger Biome’

“I had learned that most illnesses start in the nose, and if your nose lacks healthy flora, you can be at increased risk of getting sick,” Dales explains. “My goal was to tackle the issue from every angle by alleviating symptoms of active illness while also enhancing what I like to call the ‘Booger Biome.’”

Cold Bee Gone is used by swabbing the formula into your nose to help fight cold and flu symptoms. It also enhances overall nasal biome and immune function.

She Uses Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is the star of the show, both from Dales’ own research and that of doctors and scientists around the world, according to a CNN article. This type of honey contains antimicrobial, probiotic and prebiotic properties, is soothing in taste and scent, and helps humans retain moisture. 

As Cold Bee Gone gained popularity, Dales was able to develop new products for Buzzagogo. Her honey-based care had always been a hit with friends, family members, and her local community, but it wasn’t until the pandemic began that she realized how far her swabs would go. “The pandemic has created shortages of mainstream products,” she explains. “The company saw tremendous growth in 2020 as over two-thirds of consumers shopping in the cough and cold category are looking for innovative alternative remedies. Little companies like Buzzagogo are filling the gap.”

The Bottom Line

Today, Cold Bee Gone can be found across the nation at stores like CVS and TJMaxx, and can be ordered from Amazon or the company’s website. “Cold and flu season, combined with COVID-19, has many families on edge, and we certainly understand that feeling,” Dales tells CircleAround. From her personal experiences, along with a tireless work ethic and natural curiosity for experimentation, Dales has found success turning her passion for keeping her family healthy into a career. 

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