How a Routine Changed My Day-to-Day Life

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When COVID first became a big issue and most people were told to work from home, I felt like a kid during summer break. I had nowhere to be and could do all of my work sitting on my couch in my pajamas while watching my favorite TV show. I rolled out of bed at the last possible second every day and did not have any sort of routine.

Before quarantine, I had a decent routine, but not one that I looked forward to. But after about a month without a rudder — a stream of routine-less days, every day — I started to feel borderline depressed. I was very irritable, snapped at my husband more than I would like to admit, and just didn’t feel like myself.

"After about a month without a rudder — a stream of routine-less days, every day — I started to feel borderline depressed."

I decided enough was enough, and I started looking for ways to improve my mood and motivation. I did quite a bit of research and found that the vast majority of highly successful people have an iron-clad morning routine. So I slowly started working toward building a morning routine that I loved and looked forward to doing every day.

Starting Slowly

I know my personality, and I knew that if I started trying a bunch of new things all at once, I would get overwhelmed and quit before I had even really started. So I did this slowly, adding one thing and getting used to doing it for about a week and then adding another. Within days of starting, I found my mood changing.

First, I started reading my Bible and doing devotions. My faith is very important to me, and having this as a part of my daily habits was a must. Next, I started doing yoga. I found that my body started feeling so much better, I didn’t carry as much stress in my shoulders, and my mind felt clearer. I stopped looking at my phone for the first hour after waking up. I added another form of exercise after I did yoga. Then I started drinking a green smoothie. With each habit I added, the better I felt, and the more I wanted to refine my morning routine to be something that fueled me for the day ahead.

Now my morning routine looks like this: I wake up at 6:45 am, even if I have nowhere to be and nothing to do that day. I drink a tall glass of lukewarm lemon water; this helps me to rehydrate, and lemon is excellent for your body in many ways. I read my Bible and a devotional, then journal while I sip on my water. Then I do a yoga flow, sometimes just a short one to loosen up my muscles, other times a longer one when I feel like taking it slow and letting my body have a break from something more intense.

After yoga, I usually do a full-body HIIT or a targeted exercise to get my heart rate up. While I cool down from my workout, I make a green smoothie full of veggies. All of those vegetables give me a jump start on eating well for the day and provides a lot of energy that I wouldn’t get from a bowl of cereal. I also like to sip on green tea or a matcha latte.

After this routine, I always find myself energized and ready for the day. My mood and attitude are 100% different from what they were before I adopted my morning routine. I know it seems so simple, but it has made all of the difference in my life. I am excited to get out of bed in the morning, I am so much more productive, and I am a much more positive person. Small changes can make significant differences, and that’s what this morning routine has done for me.

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Ellie Haley

 Ellie Haley is a food photographer, recipe developer, food blogger, and pastry chef based in Waco, Texas where she lives... See Full Bio

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