How I Find Calm During Crazy Days

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Even stress coaches like me can find themselves caught up in a stress spiral. For most of us, stressors are unavoidable as the to-do list — for kids, work, and other responsibilities — rack up. But there are ways to ease into calm, even during those crazy days. Here’s how I do it.

1. Meditation

Since I’m super type A, meditation doesn’t come easy, because I always feel like I need to be doing something. I’ll be honest — the first time wasn’t fun. I was extremely fidgety, my mind raced, and I found myself more stressed than before. I dropped it for a few months. But I eventually came back to it and kept trying. Now, it’s an integral part of my routine and helps me stay present, release anxiety, and find calm even when I have a bajillion things to do.

I recommend using a guided meditation app like Unplug, Calm, or Headspace before you try on your own.

2. Yoga

A couple of years ago, I took up HIIT workouts daily. Soon after, I realized it was incredibly difficult to relax. Later, I found out that HIIT can raise cortisol levels to a harmful extent if you’re doing it too often, especially if you’re already in a stressed state.

I resorted to yoga instead and almost instantly found relief. Yoga is a much more gentle movement that can get your blood flowing but still help you release stress.

3. Personalized Stress-Relievers

Although yoga and meditation can work for everyone, relaxation often means something different for each person. It’s important to find your unique, relaxing activities.

For example, I find that cooking, cleaning, writing, and reading are great at helping me relax. However, you might find those things stressful. If you’re not sure what activities work for you, sometimes it helps to go back to what you did as a child. Maybe it was playing outside, getting hugs from loved ones, or baking a family recipe.

Why Is It So Important To Stay Relaxed?

We’ve all been there. We feel so stressed that even the tiniest annoyances send us over the edge. This is what the stress response does: affects our cognition, productivity, mood, motivation, and more.
But if we encourage more calm, it can help us make better decisions, increase our overall health, and avoid cranky town.

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Emma Lunsford

Emma is a certified health & life coach, expert wellness writer, and cookbook author. She helps stressed women all ove... See Full Bio

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