5 Tips To Keep Your Kitchen Organized and a Stress-Free Space

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Whether you love cooking elaborate meals or just making coffee occasionally, keeping things organized in the kitchen can make the experience that much more pleasant. With so many cabinets, shelves, appliances and gadgets, it can be tricky to know where to start, what to avoid, and what works best. CircleAround asked women around the world who love to cook what their favorite kitchen organization tips and tricks are. These simple, yet effective, tips are great for kitchens of any size.  

1. Consider What’s Convenient for You 

“[...] arrange your kitchen as per your preferences and convenience,” Sara Cemin, founder of Realiaproject.org, tells CircleAround. “If you do all the cooking and you are right-handed, the utensils racks and the spices should go to the right of the stove. Place the less used utensils in a drawer elsewhere so that they don't block space unnecessarily.”

2. Designate Areas for Different Activities 

Jenny Stokes, founder and CEO at MinimalJapan, suggests creating designated areas, like a coffee area. “As areas are separated from one another, there will be no clashing of activities. It will also be easier to know where the items are located.”

She adds that grouping similar items will help in this regard and give your kitchen a neat appearance. “Despite having a large quantity of kitchenware, it will still be visually appealing because everything is organized well,” she tells CircleAround.

3. Make Functional Look Decorative 

“A simple and unique way to store your pots and pans is to hang them on the wall to display them,” Ashley Peeling, a regional marketing manager for CLV Group, tells us. “This is especially great if you need some extra storage space in your cabinets and you have a smaller kitchen; it allows you to maximize your wall space for additional storage. Plus, if you have matching pots and pans, it acts as decor for your kitchen.” 

Amira Johnson, interior designer at Emerald Doors, says a clear jar is your best kitchen friend. “Even your pantry staples can contribute to an eye-catching display when done right,” she tells CircleAround. “Transfer all your cereals, pastas, nuts, and other ingredients into transparent glass jars. You can also add some cute labels.”

4. Know That Labels Are Your Best Friend

 “A useful habit that I developed when I was working as a chef was labeling all of my spices and dry staples,” Petranka Atanasova, creator of Sunglow Kitchen, says. “After you transfer your dried goods to containers, stick a note with the date they were open and the date they expire. This way, if you find an old jar of rice in your cupboard, you won't have to worry about it. You would already know if it's too old to use.”

5. Do a Deep Clean

“Do a deep clean of your refrigerator and cabinets,” Emily Perez, lead home designer at Kitchen Infinity, says. “Throw out everything that's well past its expiration date, dirty, or stale. Take a cue from minimalists, people who do their best not to acquire more than they need and to get rid of anything lacking a clear purpose.”

The Bottom Line 

Organizing your kitchen doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as labeling the spices, hanging the pans, and throwing away anything you don’t use. Though organizing your kitchen may seem like a small thing, it can make a world of difference and make your cooking experiences that much more enjoyable and stress-free. 

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