Getting Creative Making Your Own Face Mask

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When masks first became mandatory in public places, the demand skyrocketed and they became nearly impossible to find — at least not affordably or expeditiously. If I wanted to go out, I had to get creative (and somewhat shameless).

For my very first mask, I used a pair of boy-short underwear I hadn’t worn in a while. (If you’re curious, I did wash them first!) This “mask” required zero construction, just the know-how to adapt undergarments for use on a human head. I also figured out how to make my own mask by cutting up another pair of boy-short undies. Although it was made later, an Oh My DIY! video demonstrates a similar mask-making method.

The first “real” masks I was able to get my hands on were fashionable silk masks from LuLuBdesign, my neighbor’s clothing line. I purchased a three-pack: black, mauve, and pink. One day I decided to go for a run in Beverly Hills, one of the first cities to require a mask anywhere in public. Excited about my pretty new masks, I wore one during my run. Unfortunately, I forgot that silk doesn’t breathe and I nearly fainted after just two blocks. I cut my run short and decided that these masks would be my fancy, going-out masks, not my exercise masks.

Face Mask Upgrade

I didn't want to run in a homemade underwear mask, so I dug up a few gaiters I had collected over the years (they seem to be popular running-event swag). As even gaiters are a bit hard to breathe in while running, I could only wear them over my mouth in places without a lot of people so that I could pull them down when I wasn't near anyone else. On a run one evening, I remembered that I was given a pair of MeUndies BuddyBands at a charity event. (Actually, one was for me and the other was for one of my dogs, but she let me borrow hers.) It's similar to a bandana but much softer, and I began running with BuddyBands on my face and saved my gaiters for walks, shopping, and other casual outings. With their fun and colorful prints, I have since bought four more and am enjoying collecting them.

To date, I have not worn a single-use disposable mask — and have no intention of doing so.

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