Bring Nature Home: Nurture Indoor Plants

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Dalgona coffee, formal shirts with pajama bottoms, Zoom parties, and other pandemic trends might come and go. But one trend that’s likely to stay — at least for another year — is gardening. There’s no doubt the past year has made us crave the outdoors more than ever.

I’m someone who hated to go on hikes before the pandemic. But now? I’m ready to grab every chance I get to be around nature. My husband couldn’t be happier. The point is I’m delighted to be surrounded by greenery.

Nature indeed knows how to best comfort us and make us feel at peace. So when my husband and I decided to get a slice of heaven home, we didn’t waste time getting cracking on it.

Since we live in an apartment and don’t have a backyard space, converting our home into an indoor garden of sorts was the best option, and we jumped on it.

There’s nothing better than blending the interiors of your house with the natural world. Here’s what I did (and you can, too) to bring nature home and enrich the living space with color.

1. Choose Your Indoor Plants Wisely

To ensure the longevity of plants, it’s important to select varieties that don’t require direct sunlight. Snake plants, aloe vera, ferns, Chinese evergreen, lucky bamboo, and money plants are low-maintenance and best suited for those new at the hobby.

Moreover, they brighten up the interiors and purify the stale air within the closed spaces, leaving your home fresh and welcoming. My favorite places to keep indoor plants include the entryway and the bedroom. For instance, beautify your bedside table with a fern.

2. Grow Herbs in the Kitchen

Think “herbs,” and it’s not hard to picture common kitchen seasonings such as rosemary, oregano, and basil in mason jars on the kitchen’s sunny windowsill. That’s right! Besides enhancing your cooking, herbs are ideal for adding a little "flavor" to kitchen interiors.

You could also sow the seeds in canisters, hang them through the kitchen window, or pot your herbs in drinking glasses.

Herbs smell great, filling the already chaotic kitchen space with the right amount of greenery. You can pluck and season your food with fresh herbs that you grew with your own hands.

3. Build a Terrarium

A terrarium is a transparent vessel comprising decorative plants, tiny ornaments, and pebbles. Building one is a huge task, but it offers an incredible opportunity to be creative.

To get started, you need a glass container, pint-size plants of your choice (such as ferns, orchids, crotons), small pebbles, potting soil, activated charcoal, and sheet moss.

Once you have everything you need, put a layer of sheet moss at the bottom of your terrarium for soaking up water, followed by pebbles and charcoal. After that, fill the terrarium with a decent level of potting soil.

Before planting, create a design of your terrarium and identify spots where you’ll place your plants and ornaments. It’s also a fun and creative activity to do with kids. A terrarium is low-maintenance. Plus, it looks great on the dining table or in the living room.

4. Create a Dish Garden

If a terrarium requires too much work, you can create a dish garden. Layer it with sand and pot mixture and decorate it with dwarf plants and small pebbles. You can even place tiny figurines and stones in the dish.

A dish garden is easy to maintain. All you need to do is moisten it with water and place it under bright but indirect sunlight, so choose the location wisely.

5. Decorate With Flowers

If you want to keep flowers in your house, lavender, gerbera daisy, and anthuriums are fantastic choices. You can create a fabulous floral display to complement your interiors by placing them in equally beautiful vases.

Although I love decorating my house with flowers, they demand a lot of attention and care. They are also expensive if you’re unable to revive them in time. Nevertheless, nothing beats flowers when it comes to adding a pop of color to the house.

It’s pretty amazing to see the number of nurseries that have opened near my house. I’m sure many people have been bitten by the gardening bug, and I think it is a fantastic hobby to cultivate. If you’re new to this like me, it’s vital to increase your knowledge about taking care of indoor plants and genuinely invest time in them.

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