Uncoop Yourself: 4 Outdoor Workouts That Don’t Include the Gym

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Feeling “cooped up” is the understatement of the year. And unfortunately, home workouts just aren’t cutting it anymore. But instead of barring workouts and staying stir-crazy, use these four no-gym, outdoor workouts to solve both troubles at once.

1. Kettlebells in the Park

Kettlebells are extremely easy to transport, which make them perfect for outdoor workouts. Head to the park for kettlebell swings, squats, lunges, and pushups. If you can find a bench, all the better for kettlebell-in-hand step-ups.

2. Music Mayhem in the Yard

If your neighbors aren’t five feet away and you have a social distance-friendly workout buddy, music mayhem in the yard is a fun way to mix up your exercise routine. It’s a lot like musical chairs.

Step 1: Have your friend control the music.

Step 2: Squat when the music is playing, then when it stops, hold your squat.

Step 3: Feel the burn!

3. Volunteer to Dog-Walk

You always have walking as a go-to outdoor workout. But why not spice it up a little by volunteering to walk dogs at your local shelter? You both get to exercise and brighten each other’s day.

4. Sprints on the Basketball Court

Sprints on the treadmill? Boring. But sprints in the warm, fresh air on the basketball court? Much better. Add an easy warm-up run and dynamic drills, like high knees, or head to the hills if you’re up for a challenge.

Cheers to sweating and uncooping ourselves. We all deserve to feel good. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen!

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Emma Lunsford

Emma is a certified health & life coach, expert wellness writer, and cookbook author. She helps stressed women all ove... See Full Bio

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