You'll Want to Nama-Stay at Your Desk With These Chair Yoga Poses

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We’ve long known that yoga has many health benefits for those practicing it. Yoga movements can help improve strength, balance, and flexibility, says Johns Hopkins Medicine. They can ease arthritis symptoms, give you more energy, and better your sleep. They’re also good for the heart and back pain.

And even if regular yoga isn’t something that fits within your day-to-day, all of these benefits are accessible through chair yoga — which you can easily accomplish at your desk on your lunch break. 

“Once you begin practicing chair yoga, you will feel a sense of ease and relaxation flow through your body. Over time, you will notice the tension that once overtook your muscles and joints begins to release, and basic tasks of daily life are once again possible,” says

If you’re unsure where to start or what the basics of chair yoga even look like, we have a few poses you can try. Greatist recommends the Chair Forward Bend, the Simple Seated Twist, and the Seated Five-Pointed Star.

1Chair Forward Bend

For the Chair Forward Bend, Greatist says, “place your palms on your thighs and inhale. Keeping your spine straight, exhale as you bend forward as far as you find comfortable. To intensify the stretch, let your arms hang loosely down toward the floor.” Do this for five breaths and inhale as you return to the upright position.

2Simple Seated Twist

Extend your spin for the Simple Seated Twist and “raise your arms straight up and out from your sides, fingers pointed.”

“Exhale and gently twist to the right. Don’t just twist your back — move your whole torso as you lower your arms. Lightly rest your right arm on the back of the chair. Gaze over right shoulder and stay put for five breaths. Return to the starting position and repeat on the left side,” says the outlet.

3Seated Five-Pointed Star

For the Seated Five-Pointed Star, “take a deep breath and extend arms to either side. Keep your spine neutral. Stretch through your fingers and the top of your head.” They recommend stretching your legs straight out and holding for five breaths.

You can find a more comprehensive flow for beginners here. Namaste.

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