3 Tips for Working from Home with Your Partner

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The coronavirus pandemic has forced many of us to switch our daily view from our cubicle to our couch. This new office also has a new set of coworkers, namely our significant others. While working from home with your partner might initially feel exciting, the WFH arrangement can, after an extended period of time, potentially place a strain on your relationship.

These easy tips can help you navigate your new office situation and bridge the harmony between your career and relationship.

1. Designate Separate Spaces

Clearly define spaces for work and for play. Designate separate areas as focus zones to avoid any unwanted interruptions from your partner during important calls or tasks that may lead to inadvertent resentment. If you’re working together in a small space where separate physical boundaries aren’t possible, create clear time boundaries instead. At a specific time, work shuts down and the area transitions back to a spot for play and living, so you can focus on your partner and family.

2. Take Time to Unwind Before Rejoining Your Partner at the End of the Day

It’s common to feel exhausted by the time 5 pm rolls around. Prior to the new WFH situation, we typically had a commute home to process and shed some of the stress before rejoining our partner. Continue to factor this commute into your schedule, with designated “spousal distancing” time, to recharge alone and avoid any unintended stress-induced arguments sparked by residual stress from the day.

3. Schedule Check-Ins

Stick to daily discussions on what is and isn’t working — and what you appreciate about each other. Give honest feedback on how you can address challenges together, and celebrate the wins to let your partner know you love and care for them. Plus, if you have an intense work schedule, this ensures you have time for meaningful daily conversation together.

The new office view can take some time to get used to, but regular communication, boundaries and, of course, love, can help make the transition a breeze.

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