The Ultimate Working from Home Tips

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Thanks to the current pandemic, we have all faced drastic modifications to our normal work lives — with one of the most widespread being the ability to complete our assignments and participate in meetings from home.  

If you’re anything like me, this concept of "remote work" sounded magical — at first. Working from the couch, skipping the makeup routine, avoiding wasted time commuting — count me in. However, reality doesn’t always live up to our expectations. And while remote work does have its many perks, it can become a difficult adjustment.

Luckily, for the year prior to COVID, I had the option to work from home in my position at a startup company. I would intermittently head to my office at a coworking space and we scheduled weekly in-person meetings. I was able to test the remote work waters and discovered how to be successful in that environment.  

Now I can’t imagine ever returning to a standard 8-5 office job, and I fully expect I will always have a work-from-home option in my current position even after the pandemic subsides. I do anticipate making a couple of necessary updates to my routine, however.

1Earlier Mornings

I have a tendency to hit snooze and end up rolling right out of bed and onto my computer. A wake-up time just 30 minutes earlier would give me time to have a cup of coffee and better prepare for the day.

2Updated Clothing

Pajamas have become my all-day attire. I plan to add more pieces to my wardrobe that are both comfortable yet work-appropriate.

3Established Breaks

Working from home can quickly become monotonous when I don’t step outside for a break or run out to get lunch. Also, planning a hard-stop time is essential for at-home work.

4Reduced Technology

Not surprisingly, it’s much more difficult to focus on work when the TV is blaring in the background or texts are constantly popping up on my phone. Designating periods in the day without technology will help me make better use of my time.

Going forward, I will inevitably be required to venture into the office from time to time. But, as I continue to spend a majority of my workweek at home, I am much more confident my routine will keep me motivated and efficient.

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