4 Tips for an Online Job Search

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With unemployment rates skyrocketing due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions are looking for work in a way they never anticipated: virtually. Traditional job searches overlap with digital ones in many ways, but a remote job search does require picking up a few new strategies for success.

Create a Digital Portfolio

Also known as a personal website or online portfolio, a digital portfolio will allow you to showcase your work in a way that is easy for potential employers to review. You can include samples of visual work, writing samples, and even recommendations from former employers. Get creative and add anything that you think can illustrate your skills and experience.

Hire a Resume Coach

Resumes are naturally difficult to write, as it can be challenging to brag about our career success or decide what to include on that one tiny page. Consider hiring a resume coach — remotely, of course — who can help you best highlight your skills and experience. A resume coach will also point out any pesky typos that can turn a hiring manager off.

Set Up a Virtual Interview Spot

In the past, phone interviews were typically followed by in-person interviews, but lately employers have had no choice but to vet candidates via video calls. Before your interview, create a space that will give you confidence and help the meeting run smoothly. You’ll want to find a room in your home that has a strong Wi-Fi connection, has a clean background, is away from family or roommates, and has good lighting. If it’s a phoner, you’ll simply need a quiet spot free of distractions.

Build Your Network Remotely

If you’re looking for a job, it’s time to reconnect with your network and to start making new connections. Sending an email to colleagues updating them on what types of opportunities you are looking for will get the ball rolling. Ask if there is anyone in their networks they can introduce you to who has a role similar to what you’re looking for, or who works at a company you have your heart set on so you can request an informational interview. And of course, don’t forget to update your LinkedIn profile and start conversations with your connections on the platform.

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