5 Budget-Friendly Summer-Vacation Ideas During COVID

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With many parts of the country still navigating the financial and physical implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, making summer plans for the family can become daunting. Summer camps, theme parks, and your usual go-to summer activities may be canceled, but that doesn’t mean your summer family vacation has to be canceled, as well.

Here are five budget-friendly summer-vacation ideas that your family can still enjoy, despite the global pandemic.

1. Camping: Being outdoors can introduce an element of adventure for your family. If a camp site is closed, you can still camp out in your backyard. You can find reasonably priced tents online and, if you don’t have sleeping bags, you can always use blankets and pillows to keep you warm through the night. This is a great opportunity to connect as a family and use your creativity skills.

2. Virtual Tours: Just because you can’t go somewhere, doesn’t mean you can’t experience it. Virtual tours are a great way to visit museums, zoos, aquariums, and even some theme parks for free and — more importantly — safely. And you can travel internationally without a passport, while visiting such museums as the Louvre (in Paris), the Van Gogh (Amsterdam), and the Tate Modern (London).

3. Bike Rides: Continue to enjoy the summer sun and take a family bike ride through different neighborhoods and parks. A change of scenery can help break apart the routine and mundaneness of your regular bike rides. If you don’t have a bike, consider borrowing a bike from a neighbor or buying one second-hand. If your budget doesn’t permit that, take a leisurely walk instead. The point is to go somewhere different and experience something new.

4. Arts & Crafts Center: Consider setting up an arts & crafts center for your little ones to explore their creativity and further enhance their sensory skills. With a budget of as little as $20, you can purchase some paint, brushes, paper, crayons, stickers, safety scissors, and glue to help them let their inner Picassos flourish.

5. Sports Camp: Sports camp may be closed, but that doesn’t mean your kids are stuck inside. Have them pick one or two sports that they really like, or would like to further develop their skills. Set up a skills clinic outside (or at a nearby open park) to help them burn off some energy. You can leverage free online-training videos on YouTube as inspiration, and even have a friend join, if social distancing is possible.

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