5 Secrets to Fashion Superpowers Already in Your Closet

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Admit it, you’ve always envied that scene in Clueless where Cher creates outfits on her computer. You may not have a conveyor-belt closet, but Jess Atkins says her app, Stylebook, is the next best thing.

Stylebook helps you inventory and style your wardrobe, make outfit collages, plan what to wear in advance, and even gives you stats on your wardrobe and packing lists. “We’ve all heard the advice to buy velvet hangers to save space, but to take your wardrobe organization to the next level, you need an actual closet inventory,” Atkins tells CircleAround. “Having a list of what clothes are in your wardrobe can help you save money, dress better, and shop smarter.”

"One of the biggest benefits of starting your inventory is discovering good pieces stuffed in the back of the closet, waiting to be rediscovered."

We asked Atkins to share her advice on why it’s so important to keep an organized closet. Here is what she said.

1. You’ll Avoid Duplicate Purchases

“How many identical pairs of leggings or grey sweaters do you have?” Atkins asks. “Probably more than you want to admit. Keeping an inventory will help you avoid making duplicate purchases in the future.”

Buying duplicate items may be the main reason your closet is overwhelming and disorganized. If you gravitate toward certain colors and styles, opt for those items in high-quality fabrics so they last longer. Stick with one or two, max.

2. It Will Save You Money

Similarly, those duplicate items are probably costing you more than you think. It's an easily fixable mistake if you take the time to make a list of everything in your closet.

“Just seeing the total number can be a shopping deterrent, but your inventory can also be a treasure hunt,” says Atkins. “One of the biggest benefits of starting your inventory is discovering good pieces stuffed in the back of the closet, waiting to be rediscovered. You’ll expand your options without buying a thing!”

3. You Can More Easily Curate Your Wardrobe

Now that you’re aware of what’s in your closet, you can continue to expand it with new items that pair well with old ones.

“Buying pieces that fit in with what you already own ensures you’ll wear what you bought, and you’ll get more use out of old clothes, too,” says Atkins. “Keeping your closet inventory on your phone guarantees that you’ll always be able to compare a new purchase with your existing wardrobe. That means avoiding the hassle and waste of selling clothes with tags still on them.”

4. It’s More Sustainable

“Wearing what you own until it’s worn out is ideal, and you need to track your closet in order to get an accurate idea of how often your clothes are worn,” says Atkins. According to Harper’s Bazaar, 30 wears is the optimal number of uses for an item for a piece of clothing to reach its full life.

“This is more wears than it seems,” Atkins continues. “Especially since the average is about seven wears before a clothing item is discarded. You can easily track your worn history with Stylebook’s built-in calendar, which allows you to add items from your inventory.”

5. You Can 'Shop' Your Closet

“Shop your closet by recreating some of your favorite outfits from Instagram and Pinterest with what you already have, before you go shopping,” Atkins recommends. “Mixing and matching your existing wardrobe is so satisfying, and a virtual inventory is the best way to make sure you can save your ideas for the future. Just organizing everything into an inventory makes it easy to plan outfits, which will help you feel more content with what you have.”

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