5 Ways To Push Your Professional Boundaries Right Now

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Cynthia Dalagelis knows what it takes to make it when the going gets tough. She advises companies in the fintech, healthtech, consumer product, and media spaces, helping them learn to make more responsible investments, and incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies into their missions. CircleAround caught up with her for some tips on how to succeed professionally this year. Here are some of her suggestions.

1Try Things Until You Find What You Love

Not everything you set out to accomplish will pan out, but that’s not a bad thing. “Knowing what you do not want to do is as important as what you like to do,” says Dalagelis. Through trial and error, you can more clearly see what you’re really passionate about, and that can make the road to success even easier.

“Currently, what excites and challenges me most has been formalizing my investor network in order to scale communications and opportunities between investors with potential investments,” Dalagelis explains. By simply trying out this method, Dalagelis realized she could scale her business much quicker than anticipated.

2Never Let Anyone Limit Your Life Vision

“The fields of technology and finance both are male-dominated,” says Dalagelis. “I have had to learn to navigate a system that was not set up for women and has been designed to keep us out.” This challenge motivated Dalagelis to build her own business and to become an example for other women in the space.

“What has excited me a great deal is to look at how much I have learned and adapted to, to continue to focus on self-improvement and success, while juggling the added complexities of male/female dynamics in the workplace,” she says. 

3Give Yourself Credit Where Credit Is Due

Building your own business is not easy, and it can be tempting to blame yourself when things go wrong. But while there will be shortcomings along the way, Dalagelis stresses the importance of knowing you’re capable of more than you realize.

“No one knows everything, and most people are faking it,” she tells CircleAround. “Once I realized this, it leveled the playing field, and I realized that everyone starts somewhere and everyone is learning day by day.”

4Create a 'Life Council'

It’s no secret that networking is the foundation of success. It’s vital to be connected to others in order to feel supported. But for Dalagelis, it goes beyond just who you know.

“Find many mentors,” she suggests. “Network with as many people that are in positions you admire.” She recommends getting even more granular and creating what she calls a "life council," with diverse advisors that you can go to for advice. To ensure you’re advised in many different ways, "this council can have a spiritual teacher, professor, and multiple professionals in your industry.”

5Always Push and Expect More from Yourself

“My greatest accomplishment has been to not give up on myself — even when I was wronged or taken advantage of,” says Dalagelis. “I always believed that I could learn from each experience, and become smarter.

“Life as we know it is all about timing, and some really amazing projects sometimes do not get funding or the attention they deserve because the timing is not right.” But this is all the more reason to keep going and pushing yourself because, eventually, the timing will be right and the result will be the biggest reward.

“The largest reward is seeing businesses that are making a real difference in people's lives grow and become successful," she says. "Not just for the founders, but for the network of people who benefit from those types of investments.”

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