8 Mompreneurs Who Built Million-Dollar Businesses

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The word “mompreneur” is as silly as “momager,” but it shouldn’t be discredited. In fact, a number of entrepreneurial moms have made their way to the top of the e-commerce world — whether it's in housewares, fashion, or candles — proving that anything is possible. While Martha Stewart paved the way for women-led brands in the 1990s, many women have followed in her footsteps.

According to a recent State of Women-Owned Business Report by American Express, women own roughly 42% of the small businesses in the country, making up 13 million businesses that generate roughly $1.9 trillion per year. Here are eight mompreneurs who built million-dollar businesses that are still going strong;

1Michele Welsh, Safety Tat

Michele Welsh is the founder of Safety Tat, a company that puts a skin-safe temporary tattoo on children's arms that details the phone number of their parents. It all started when she was at a theme park with her kids writing her phone number on their arms with a pen in case they got lost. Safety Tat is popular globally with parents who want this safety net for their kids.

2Kwany Lui, Bundle Organics

Kwany Lui is the founder of Bundle Organics, which sells nutritional beverages for pregnant women and young mothers. The company is now the leading creator of caffeine-free juices and teas that help reduce the symptoms of pregnancy, including nausea and heartburn. The goods are sold online as well as at Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, and more.

3Lisa Greenwald, Chewbeads

Lisa Greenwald is the founder of Chewbeads, soft, colorful jewelry made of silicone for babies to play with and chew as they are teething. The designs are manufactured through a supplier she found on Alibaba. She sells silicone cutlery, bracelets, and more.

4Jacqueline Smith, Kiesque

Jacqueline Smith is the founder of nail polish company Kiesque, which is liquid paint tape for nails, so nail polish doesn't drip onto your skin. She later expanded into a cosmetics company whose products are sold today at Sephora and BeautyBar.com.

5Sally Jane

Sally Jane Waite founded her namesake company after being diagnosed with colon cancer while pregnant. Her jewelry line, called Sally Jane, embeds each piece with a positive message, like bee charms to remind women to just be present. "We wanted a bee, facing upward, that women could wear around their necks to remind themselves to be positive,” Waite told Forbes.

6Jakki Liberman, Bumkins

Jakki Liberman is the founder of Bumkins, a brand of reusable, eco-friendly products that are made of waterproof fabric. This sustainable product saves thousands of diapers from filling up landfills.

7Maia Haag, I See Me

Maia Haag created her company called I See Me, a children's book company that creates personalized children's books. Each book is named after the child, too. Every book is co-created by their parents and can be geared toward any topic or life lesson they choose.

8Jeanne Foley, Groomsman Suit

Jeanne Foley founded a rental clothing startup called the Groomsman Suit, which is kind of self-explanatory — a place where men can rent their groomsman suits for weddings. Now, the business has evolved and rebranded as The Suit Shop and recently had an annual turnover of $2.5 million. Her advice to mothers wanting to start their own businesses is this: “Starting a business has many highs and lows, but the simple act is a huge accomplishment. My advice to anyone considering becoming a mompreneur would be to follow your gut, trust yourself, get a comfortable baby carrier, and find a friend to lean on.” 

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