Hera Hub Phoenix's Shatha Barbour on Connecting Women for Success

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This post is part of a series of branded posts sponsored by BlueJeans. The focus of the series — part of a paid partnership between BlueJeans and CircleAround — is on women business owners and how they are navigating the complexities and challenges of contemporary business, from the pandemic to the economy. BlueJeans is the official video conferencing partner of CircleAround.

In his book The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell talks about the three archetypes of people. Shatha Barbour, founder and CEO of Hera Hub Phoenix, the Arizona capital’s first female-focused workspace, is definitely a Connector, one who galvanizes people and brings them together in a space conducive to productivity and success.

Barbour has a background in corporate America and nonprofit work, but when she moved to Phoenix, she got to thinking about what she’d like to do next in her career. She wondered how other women started companies and where they found the resources and support they needed. Luckily, she got connected to Hera Hub in San Diego, and an entrepreneurial idea began to take shape.

“I looked into it and I just loved what they were doing and what was going on and how these women were just supporting each other. There were resources and connections at your fingertips, and it was so much collaboration. “It was a space that you could go to and just ask questions,” Barbour says.

Hera Hub opened in 2018 and today is a thriving environment of business owners and professionals who use the space as a training center and workspace.

“I just fell in love with the mission and the vision of being able to connect women and help women grow businesses, and just supporting women on a local level but also on a national and international level and being able to have those resources and share that with others to empower women to keep going and keep moving and build what you need to build and don't stop," Barbour says.

Listen to Barbour’s vision of Hera Hub as a limitless space for creation and connection — and how it's had to reimagine its business model in pandemic times — in this inspiring interview with CircleAround’s Katka Lapelosová, in partnership with Blue Jeans.

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