How She Turned Journaling Into a Career That Helps Thousands

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As a psychology student with a passion for creating content, 23-year-old Alexa Davis wanted to combine her education in mental health with her love of writing. After graduating, she created Ambitiously Alexa, a website dedicated to self-care journaling for ambitious women.

“I’ve struggled with mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and PTSD for as long as I can remember,” she explains on her website. “Unfortunately, it wasn’t really until adulthood that I truly discovered which coping strategies worked for me and which didn’t.”

Her website includes printable sheets people can use to track their mental health from day to day. Such tracking can help others better identify coping mechanisms that work for them. 

1Self-Care Journaling

During the pandemic, self-care became all the more important as so many people were facing new and unforeseen challenges. Journaling is one way Davis is able to practice self-care on a daily basis. “Self-care journaling helps you plan and understand what actions you need to take to improve your mental health,” she tells CircleAround. “It can focus on things like identifying good habits you’d like to start, or checking in on your needs and progress.”

To help her readers get started on their self-care journey, David has produced printable guides like a Mental Health Journal

2Self-Love Journaling

“While often confused for self-care, self-love is less about improvement and more about acceptance,” Davis states. Setting goals for your mental wellness can help you prioritize the parts of your life you want to improve upon. It can also help you recognize and affirm the positive qualities that make you special.

“You already know you have room to improve. We all do,” she adds. “But you still need to meet yourself where you’re at and accept yourself regardless.” Her Goal Planner printable is here to help make it happen.

3Self-Discovery Journaling

You’ll ultimately record a lot about yourself as you put your thoughts and goals down on paper. Journaling allows you the chance to not only look back at how far you’ve come, but to dive deeper into who you are and what the future holds. 

To kickstart the road to self-discovery, Davis offers a few prompts, such as, Who are you? Are you the same person now than you were five years ago? 

“Self-discovery journaling will help you get in tune with your character traits, personality, and core values,” she tells CircleAround. To remind yourself of the wonderful things that make your life great, start with this Gratitude Journal printable. 

The Bottom Line

Davis’ passions for mental health and journaling have helped her kickstart a career that’s helping her and others grow. Using the printables on Ambitiously Alexa not only helps people track their mental health and find coping strategies that work, but it helps people recognize the ways they are already great. The latter is such an important component of staying mentally healthy.  

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