An Introvert's Guide to Conference Calls

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As an introvert, the pandemic leading many of us to switch to working from home felt like a dream come true. But then, conference calls came along.

As a young adult who has always been a bit shy and introverted, dealing with in-person meetings has definitely been a work in progress. While I’m now a lot more comfortable with them than I used to be, conference calls have recently become a brand new challenge to tackle.

There are a couple things that I’ve noticed while working from home for the past few months. First, conference-call meetings seem to occur a lot more frequently than I remember…Anyone else feel this way? I’m talking three-to-four calls a day!

Second, personally, I’ve found that conference calls are actually pretty draining. Now, I know not everyone will feel the same way about this. But, for those that do, I want to share some tips, introvert to introvert, to make them a little less exhausting.

1. Create a List of What You Want to Discuss Before the Meeting

Nothing makes me feel a bit more secure than making sure I am prepared for a meeting beforehand. When I jot down the points I want to make, this takes out the exhaustion of trying to gather your thoughts on the spot. It also ensures that you don’t miss anything important that you regret not bringing up later on.

2. Embrace Imperfection

Whether you, or someone else, are having issues with your camera, audio, etc., learn to be okay with things not going so smoothly! I’ve developed a stronger peace of mind on conference calls knowing that mess ups will happen and that’s fine. Conference calls aren’t meant to be perfect, and if you go into a conference call thinking it is, you will be tiring yourself out more than you think.

3. Remind Yourself That This Is an Adjustment for All

Even those who may seem the most confident on a Zoom call still had to adjust to this new way of holding meetings, once upon a time. At the end of the day, we are all doing our best and trying to manage.

After your conference call, give yourself some time to relax, rejuvenate, and recoup and be proud of getting through yet another meeting. Never apologize for prioritizing your needs and what is best for you!

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Camille Johnson

Camille Johnson is a freelance content writer and blogger of over 3 years living outside of Philadelphia, PA. See Full Bio

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