Bloom Where You’re Planted: Inspiring Mom, Kelsy McHenry

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I met Kelsy McHenry a dozen years ago when visiting the children’s clothing boutique she had opened in our little town. We immediately connected. We have kids the same age, are both ambitious entrepreneurs, and have experienced some unique trials in our lives. Through the years I’ve been inspired by Kelsy’s ability to stay positive, no matter the circumstance. In a particularly difficult moment in her life, she founded BLOOM mom tribe, an online platform that “connects moms and their friends, mom groups and communities of moms from across the country, allowing them to support and empower each other!” Kelsy’s story, and her platform, continue to inspire me every day. 

1Blessing Others

Kelsy was inspired to create BLOOM mom tribe after going through a particularly difficult time with her daughter, who had a mysterious illness that doctors couldn’t diagnose. Eventually, it was discovered that her daughter had Lyme Disease. This experience completely drained Kelsy, and she knew she had to do something to pull herself out of her depression. She then created BLOOM mom tribe to help bring moms like her together.  

BLOOM mom tribe is not only an online platform for moms to connect, but it’s also an annual conference with pop-up events in cities like Portland, Seattle, Atlanta, and San Diego. At these events, moms can blossom into the best version of themselves. The Bloom logo features six hearts that represent the six pillars of Bloom mom tribe. The six hearts stand for Faith, Family, Friendship, Fun, Fitness, and Finance.

2Having a Purpose

While BLOOM mom tribe has helped give Kelsy plenty of purpose, she has taken the last year off from hosting events because of another family tragedy: Her husband of nearly 26 years was killed in a skiing accident. 

When I sat down to chat with Kelsy recently, she said, “You just never know when it’s your time to go. As I’ve been on this grief journey, I try to remind people to appreciate what’s in front of them. You never know when those you love will be gone. Don’t let insignificant things get in the way of enjoying the moments while you have them.”

Photo Credit: Kelsy McHenry

3Her Journey Through Grief

Kelsy is great at creating community, and she often shares her experiences on social media. I asked Kelsy how she manages to stay so positive and uplifting when she’s suffering. She told me: “When you’re the mom, there’s a ripple effect to how you show up. Whether you’re calm or a mess, it will impact those closest to you. I have to hold it together for my family and be positive. If they see me being okay, they’ll know they will be okay.”


Kelsy is also serious about self-care. She walks five miles a day and shares the experience with friends around the country with a “social steps” app. She regularly takes bubble baths and eats a vegetarian diet. Spending time with girlfriends and going on “mini retreats” for a break from life has been part of Kelsy’s life for forever, but it’s become even more important now. She believes every mom needs time to recharge and focus on her own needs.

5Having a Purpose

While Kelsy has taken the last year off from hosting BLOOM events to deal with her husband’s death, she’s ready to get back to her purpose of inspiring moms, and all women, to nurture themselves and each other. “Everyone needs a purpose, even if it’s to be a good mom. You can only do so much for others. You have to have something for yourself,” she says. 

In addition to BLOOM mom tribe conferences, Kelsy’s getting back to sharing stories of other incredible moms on her podcast, Mama’s Gotta BLOOM, and continues to authentically share stories about her life. 

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