BlueJeans' Resident Girl Scout Is An Inspiration

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Recently, I had the opportunity to meet and interview Amy Jefferson via Verizon’s videoconferencing platform BlueJeans. Amy is the BlueJeans Product Sales Lead for North America, and Verizon has been the sponsor of our Women in Business interview series, so it was a perfect fit to have Amy wrap up this cycle of the series with us.

In the last two years, I’m sure most of us have turned to some form of video conferencing for work and pleasure, and it seems the trend is here to stay. To meet that demand, BlueJeans has made a number of upgrades to its existing platform and will be rolling out with what sounds like a pretty stellar telehealth option that is set to become the industry standard. Amy also shared how their new large conference offerings will help make you feel like you’re at that big convention or family reunion — right from the comfort of your own home or office.

I also discovered that, like the majority of the women in this series, Amy was a Girl ScoutShe started as a Brownie when she was in first grade, eventually hanging up her GS sash around seventh grade. However, she’s remained friends with one of the girls she met while in Brownies over 40 years ago, forging a bond that has made them family. And, like all the former Girl Scouts I’ve talked to, Amy says that the values instilled in her during that time remain with her to this day.

While reflecting about her time in the Girl Scouts, Amy shared this:

“What I remember most about Brownies and Girl Scouts was the fun, friendship, and sense of inclusion. Having said that, while I probably didn’t realize it back then, I think it’s the reason I dedicate time to giving back. I’m a Certified Crisis Counselor and give over 100 hours of my time each year helping those who are struggling with mental health. Earning my patches by doing things for others seems to have carried through in my life.

I think the mission statement of the Girl Scouts resonates with me even more as an adult. Girls can do anything they want. Some of us find our courage a bit later in life as we wrestle with self-doubt. But, I think stumbling along the way and learning from it builds character and ultimately the confidence to do the things that will make a difference.”

Amy is for sure an inspiring woman. And, she also has the absolute best work-from-home videoconferencing story I’ve ever heard — and a funny photo to go along with it! Check out our interview to see the photo and find out its origins.

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