Cafe Without Walls: Building an Online Business

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By Renate A. Moore, Owner, LadyRen's Bakery & Books

As I prepare to move from 2020 into 2021, I've been reflecting on some of the challenges and opportunities I’ve embraced that presented themselves.

Before COVID-19, I had plans of starting my own in-person cooking classes. The week before my first class, stay-at-home and social distancing rules were put into place. I was devastated and had to change the course of my plans. But then I got to thinking that I can figure out a way of hosting the classes online. And that’s exactly what I did.

I was already using Zoom for my business meetings, so why not host the classes there? I did a lot of research on creation and advertising, and now, seven months later, my classes have expanded and are well-attended.

It is my hope that the goals I had for 2020 will still be achieved and that I would have inspired other women entrepreneurs and young ladies to be optimistic and resilient.

No Losses, Only Lessons

I wish for diversity and inclusiveness. As a woman of color, it is a constant challenge acquiring access to resources and opportunities. Not feeling welcomed or accepted at networking organizations are a few things I strive to change. I am a persistent person who sees challenge and failure as experiences to grow from. There are no losses, only lessons.

I am planning to do the best I can without becoming discouraged or distracted by the challenges of 2020. I will not give up. I shall continue to believe, focus, plan, and execute.

I am working on creating the concept of turning my online bakery and books to be seen as a café without walls. I am collaborating with other women entrepreneurs to include their products to expand with teas and honey. This way, I get to help them promote their products and keep their businesses afloat.

This most challenging year of 2020 has taught me to be innovative and to use technology to the fullest. We all have the ability to advance through challenges and collaborate with others who have better insight for success. I stayed current and manipulated technology to the best of my ability to remain in business.

Renate A. Moore is the owner of LadyRen's Bakery & Books, in Concord, North Carolina. A Girl Scout mom for her daughter — from Daisy to Ambassador — Moore is "passionate about educating and empowering young girls and promoting girl power."

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