DIY Home Décor That You’ll Actually Love

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Since COVID-19 hit, we’ve all been quarantined in our homes with nothing to do but binge-watch HGTV, scour Pinterest, and closely examine our home environment. So for the closeted Joanna Gaineses and creatives, interior design and home renovation has quickly become a new hobby (very much guilty).

The proof? If you’ve been to any home-goods store lately, you’ll notice home décor is off the shelves — literally. And while stores once offered a vast array of options, it’s starting to feel like the pandemic toilet paper craze again, only with throw pillows and curtains. My mother’s answer to everything home décor has always been, “I can make that.” Let’s just say it’s a "like-mother-like-daughter" situation. So to keep you busy and help you out with your newfound favorite activity, here are nine money-saving, DIY home décor ideas that you’ll actually love.

Pendant Lights

Eye-catching light fixtures can completely change a room. My boyfriend recently found a shed antler on one of his hunting hikes, and now it’s turned into a stunning Edison light chandelier. So, think outside the box. Depending on your home décor style, there are endless DIY possibilities for upgrading lighting when it comes to hanging lights. Old bowls, mason jars, baskets, macrame chandeliers, geometric lights, chicken wire, you name it and you could be able to turn it into a pendant light.

Decorative Mirrors

Dealing with a smaller space? Mirrors can create the illusion of larger square footage while adding additional visual interest to the room. Pick up mirror glass at your local crafts store, and then select your style and embellishments. Are you feeling modern chic? Simple sunburst? Boho raffia? The DIY world is your mirr-oyster.

Throw Pillows

I have an unhealthy pillow obsession, so if you’re anything like me, your bed is drowning in an array of throw pillows whose costs definitely add up. If you have a sewing machine, try sewing together linen napkins and dress them up with a bleach pen, or use one of your old white sweaters to add a cozy touch. If sewing isn’t your thing, you can order a cheap pack of throw pillowcases online and create a gorgeous design with a fabric pen.

Knit Blankets

Knit blankets are as trendy as oat milk right now, and they’re as comfy as they are beautiful. However, purchasing one of these highly-coveted, cuddle-up blankets can set you back upwards of $120-$250 (depending on size). Luckily, momma Amaris’ Google-deep dive has led to a much more affordable version. Check out this DIY knit blanket tutorial she references frequently, and shop for the chunky yarn at craft stores to keep this DIY home décor even more affordable. Plus, these make for great gift ideas!

No-Sew Curtains

Curtains can be one of the most costly things to update, but they can also be a major mood-setter for a room. If sewing isn’t your forte or you don’t own a sewing machine, don't worry. You can still dress up the eyes of your home. Check out this genius DIY curtain idea that involves only fabric and tape.

Interior Design Trick: Hang your curtains four to six inches higher than your windows to create the illusion of taller ceilings.

Enviable Art

Alcohol ink paintings appear to be the sought after art for home galleries these days, as they litter Instagram and Pinterest with their eye-catching colors and whimsical feel. Instead of spending the big bucks on one of these gorgeous paintings, give it a go yourself! And don't feel limited to canvases, you can also paint rocks (parent tip: this makes for a great family activity). Try this tutorial to get started.

Trendy Dresser

A quick and cheap way to beautify your home is breathing new life into pieces you already have. That old dresser, end table, or hutch might just need a little sanding and a new paint job. For a little furniture refurbishing inspo, check out this DIY dresser makeover made trendy with chalk paint.

Plant Holders

Plants improve your emotional and mental health, which we could all use right now. They also purify the air and add a beautiful, homey element to any interior design vision. And there are DIY ideas for every home décor style out there. Hanging plants? Try this rope tutorial. Need to chic-up a pot? One-up West Elm by hand painting a beautiful design. Want to replicate this boho crystal air plant holder? Pick your crystal, purchase gold wire, wrap the wire around the crystal, and create a funnel vase for your air plant to sit in. It’s that easy!

Macrame Jars

Wait, don’t throw out that old peanut butter or jam jar! Wash it, and make it a statement. Try this DIY macrame technique for a beautiful candle holder that adds a touch of texture to the room, or add essential oil and reed sticks for a DIY diffuser.

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