3 Reasons Why Companies Should Adopt 5G Technology

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There’s been a lot of buzz about the benefits of joining a 5G network, but this technology can be especially exciting for businesses. The business advantages of adopting 5G networks are clear as it can help improve their own products, services, and more. 

Eden Cheng, marketing director and founder of WeInvoice, relies on 5G networks to support the online invoicing software her customers love. “With the increased speed and reliability provided by 5G, small businesses like mine are able to leverage new advantages and better meet the demands of my customers,” Cheng tells CircleAround. The speed, reliability, and increased capacity of 5G technology allow WeInvoice users to efficiently create invoice templates and get paid. 

CircleAround asked Cheng why she thinks companies should take 5G technology into consideration. Here’s what she had to say.

You Can Get Ahead of the Competition

“The power, bandwidth, and speed of 5G can transform the way small businesses work and operate to become more resilient and competitive,” Cheng tells CircleAround, adding that the “increased speed and productivity will allow the emergence of new industries.” In this way, 5G can help industries develop new products, create jobs for workers who specialize in high-speed networks, and open doors to even more opportunities. 

You Can Connect with Customers Quicker

The faster you can connect with customers, the faster you can make a sale, gain a subscription, or help someone who might need assistance.

“A fundamental benefit of 5G is the speed at which data is transferred throughout the network, allowing enormous broadening in the use of internet-linked devices,” Cheng says. This is especially important as more social media apps build e-commerce options aimed at mobile shoppers.

You Can Increase Efficiency Internally

“5G can provide Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) with increased productivity, workflow efficiency, and ease of access to the information they need to strategize,” Cheng tells CircleAround

5G can help speed up networks where several devices are connected at one time. According to IOT Solutions World Congress, greater transmission and lower latency are also advantageous for companies where remote work is an option. This way, companies can provide employees with a strong connection and ensure business needs are fully met without disruption.

The Bottom Line

It’s no surprise that some of the savviest small businesses out there are using 5G technology. Thanks to experts like Cheng, it’s also easy to see how her business and others stand out from the competition as a result. Learning about 5G now can help ensure your business stays competitive and agile.

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