Exciting Trends and Strategies for Female Business Owners

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Keeping up with the latest trends is vital for the success of any business. With so much advice out there, it can be tricky to figure out which will work best for your company. We spoke with Brianna Régine Walston, the founder, and CEO of Brianna Régine Visionary Consulting, a creative communications agency specializing in creative strategy and operations management services.

Walston’s goal is to help businesses succeed for the long haul, providing trends-based strategies and assisting with wellness advocacy for employees. So, what kinds of trends should companies implement this summer? Walston provides her expertise below.

Tap Into Popular Audio Trends 

Finding a brand that isn’t on TikTok or using Reels these days feels rare, so if your business isn’t utilizing these social media tools, this summer is a great time to start.

Walston suggests using social media video content to share brand expertise, display your personality and brand voice, and share behind-the-scenes that resonate with your target audience. 

This kind of content is especially popular with Gen Z and Millennial demographics, which have the potential to become your future customers, so creating content they find helpful or enjoy will help you grow in the long run. 

Turn to the Past

Once you feel comfortable creating videos for social media, you can enhance your production by looking back at what has worked in the past for inspiration.

“Tap into nostalgia,” Walston tells CircleAround. “Think 90s or 2000s fashion, commercials, music, etc.” It’s fun for you and your audience, and can help you further connect with them.

Empowering Your Employees

World events have felt incredibly shaky this summer, and the effects of the pandemic are still taking a toll on the people in our lives.  “Reassess company culture,” Walston states, “and the best ways to support employees and contingent workers in light of the constant news trauma.” 

With more employees back in the office, ensuring your workforce is happy, healthy, and feels good about their company roles is vital. Doing so may even provide an opportunity to boost sales, which is a win for all.

Keep Success Going All Year Long  Now that you’ve got a good list of temporary strategies to try, Walston offers some additional advice on how businesses can build upon their success after summer ends.

Diversify Your Revenue Streams 

Use your skills to create a new way to gain income, and your business will grow even more. 

“If you’re service-based, develop physical or digital products,” Walston suggests. “If you’re product-based, consider offering a niched do-it-for-you service.” You can even learn to create an online course using your expertise, to generate passive income and establish yourself as a thought leader.

Consider Outside Assistance

“Outsource tasks and responsibilities that take you longer to do,” Walston advises. “Part of being successful is maximizing your productivity by being intentional.”

Developing a list of contractors and freelancers is a great start. You can even hire a virtual assistant to help you accomplish your goals and give an income-generating opportunity to others. 

Embrace Change Naturally

Your brand is going to evolve naturally, and that’s incredibly exciting; and it means you have the potential to grow and keep succeeding.

“How you communicate the unique value proposition of your brand today may be different from how you shared it on day one – and it should be,” Walston adds. “As your brand grows, you understand who your ideal customer is, their problems, and how your brand provides the best solution.”

“Don’t do your business a disservice by not being open to consistently getting feedback from the market and evolving with it,” she adds. Learn from mistakes and use those to make your company better.

Kickstart Something Different This Summer

Trying out some new trends can make a massive difference for your business. With a few creative ideas and a focus on workplace wellness policies, your company will be well-equipped to evolve in a positive direction.

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