How Female-Fueled Tech Elevates Business, Social Good & Women’s Lives

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This post is part of a series of branded posts sponsored by BlueJeans. The focus of the series — part of a paid partnership between BlueJeans and CircleAround — is on women business owners and how they are navigating the complexities and challenges of contemporary business, from the pandemic to the economy. BlueJeans is the official videoconferencing partner of CircleAround.

In partnership with BlueJeans, CircleAround was proud to host a discussion with two of the world’s savviest tech pros, who unveiled their secrets to elevating businesses, empowering women and girls, and perpetuating real, tangible positive change in the world via technology and smart investments. 

Viewers of the live panel were  invited to take part in a Q&A via live chat and their questions were answered by panelists in real time:

  • Host and Moderator Poppie Mphuthing: Huffington Post alum and news editorial lead and on-air talent with 15 years of experience in news journalism and digital content strategy.
  • Emily Musil Church, Ph.D.: Senior Director of the Center for Strategic Philanthropy at the Milken Institute, specializing in entrepreneurship, tech for good, and prize competitions.
  • Tanya Van Court: Founder and CEO of Goalsetter, a family saving, financial literacy, and investing app.

The propulsion of technology makes it possible to accomplish more — faster and with greater impact — than many of us thought possible once upon a time. And keeping up with new developments, as they seem to move at the speed of light, is a challenge in itself. Discover how these business pros stay up to speed and educate younger generations on finances, and how you can turn technology into a superpower.

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Jessica Amaris

Jessica Amaris is a writing aficionado with a diverse background in editing, digital media, and creative marketing content. See Full Bio

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CircleAround will make financial distributions to benefit the next generation of trailblazers who will CircleAround after us.

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