Free Courses To Help Employees Grow Professionally

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It’s so important businesses invest in their own people. One way to do that is by aiding employees’ professional development with more education in areas they are hoping to grow. Not only does this help employees expand their skill sets, but it helps companies build stronger, more versatile workforces. Companies can also save money using in-house talent this way instead of outsourcing for experts.  

Providing employees with continuing education courses doesn’t have to be expensive, either. “If you lack the budget to hire a designer or copywriter, you can take any number of free courses to learn how to create graphics, or write compelling sales copy, for your website,” Kara Hoholik, the founder and CEO of Social for Good, tells CircleAround. “Once you build up a following and a client base, then you can work on outsourcing some of that work with the income you're generating.”

Here are a few resources small businesses can use to build their employees’ skill sets. Many of these beginner courses are free.

Adobe Education Exchange

Graphic design, photo-editing, animation, and video-editing are some of the most sought-after skills on the market today. With the Adobe Education Exchange, users have access to hundreds of design, video, and development courses, all for free. These have been designed by educators for educators, but are accessible to anyone with an interest in design. You can learn to design an app interface, or even become certified in Adobe Illustrator, and so much more.


Coursera provides classes from accredited universities from around the world and offers them for free. You can find classes in subjects like business management, personal development, information technology and more. Users can even earn professional development certificates, like for Google Data Analytics


Skillshare specializes in pre-filmed, short-term, video courses, typically around one or two hours, depending on the topic. Business owners will benefit especially from social media and copywriting courses.


Learning how to build your own website can save time and money and offer a chance for you to be creative in a new way. Through courses like Learn HTML or How To Make a Website, users can grow their skills in website development with a few beginner courses, then graduate to more advanced tracking with their Pro program ($19.99 a month).

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