Funny, You Don’t Look Like a Courier: Women in Business Video Series

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Lorena Camargo is not the typical CEO of a courier company. The shy, small in stature daughter of immigrants started off in the industry as a part-time receptionist when she was a teenager.

But at 24, she became CEO of her own courier business. Within a year, she joined a courier trade association. And, now, just a few years later — as we learn in the third episode of CircleAround’s Women in Business video series (visit here to read more about the series and here to see the first episode) — she has become the youngest woman to ever be elected to that trade association’s board of directors. (And the first Latina woman to do so, as well.)

Still, Camargo — like so many other entrepreneurs of any gender — has struggled to come up with business solutions to help her and her business pivot during the pandemic. She found that much of her staff had to work remotely and she was looking for ways to best manage her team.

One such solution has been video conferencing tools, which have helped Camargo and her staff stay in touch via state-of-the-art team calls.

Building more trust with her team and allowing them the space to do their best work has allowed Camargo to take more time for herself. With that time, she has found great reward in traveling to Guatemala, where she is giving back — sharing some of the lessons she herself has learned and mentoring women there to help them achieve financial independence.

These trips allow her to slow down and appreciate the smaller things in life. Which is necessary, as she’s about to tackle a whole new adventure with her business — one with cargo as precious as any her courier company has ever delivered.

Follow Lorena Camargo along her journey in the four-episode series.

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Episode 3: Funny, You Don’t Look Like a Courier: Women in Business Video Series
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Also, watch the story of another CircleAround CEO, Annie LaVerdure-Weller, who turns a health battle for her life into an astonishing new business idea.

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