Her Company Connects Creativity and Technology for a Better Future

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Companies and brands are continuing to shift and embrace advances in the digital space. Such companies look to Carnellia Ajasin and her team at Mind Katalyst to help ensure their projects are executed on time, reach the right audiences, and feel authentic in today’s world. Ajasin tells CircleAround that her company is an innovation technology venture studio that applies “human-centered design principles to help clients define, design, develop, and fund products that achieve business objectives, relevance, meaning, and competitive advantage.” 

Assisting at Light Speed

It’s a specialized industry, but an impactful one. As of 2020, 62 percent of Americans said they have used some kind of voice assistance technology. Video continues to be the top way to consume media, according to HubSpot. Mind Katalyst uses creativity to ensure clients keep pace. “My team and I help ambitious organizations, nonprofits and entrepreneurs stay relevant, [to] understand digital trends, emerging technology and create growth through the development of meaningful and purposeful software and hardware products and services that improve lives,” she tells CircleAround.

Ensuring Representation With Every Project

Ajasin is also paving new ground for women in STEM. As a woman of color and a CEO, she ensures the values of her company align with every project she takes on.

“Designing and innovating solutions for diverse communities is the first step towards a more inclusive future,” she writes on her website. “Which is why inclusive design is not only essential, but a permanent evolution within design thinking. This is not a design trend; instead, inclusive design is the heart of mainstream, good design.”

So far, she’s worked with brand names such as Oracle, AT&T, and several digital education programs. “I have worked with multiple businesses and organizations on the strategic application of innovation, creativity and emerging technologies to create competitive advantage, transformative impact, and growth in business and society,” she says.

Always Learning More

Continuing learning seems to be a large part of Ajasin’s principles as well. She’s naturally curious about the creation stage of her work, taking time to learn about subjects like product development, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality. “I am passionate about creating new technology products in the digital space that are meaningful, immersive and functional,” she says.

Where Do We Go From Here?

When the pandemic shifted the perspective on where marketing could go, Ajasin was ready with creative solutions and innovation. Based on her depth of experience and ability to adapt swiftly, she recorded some emerging technologies and processes she’s most excited to see:

  • Hyperpersonalization: New generations of consumers are looking for products that adapt to their existing lifestyles, not the other way around. They also prefer brands that offer convenience, sometimes over quality. Ajasin gives the example of Google and ApplePay versus traditional brick-and-mortar bank brands.

  • Diversity elevates digital experiences: Diversity and inclusion are essential for innovation, and Ajasin takes pride in having created a company based on this.

  • Remote work propels digital engagement: There may come a time (if your company isn’t fully remote yet), when the only interaction you have with coworkers is online. Companies will have to ensure there are positive ways to keep employees engaged; virtual reality work retreats, or even new, more interactive group chat applications, will only continue to become essential.

The Bottom Line 

Influential women like Ajasin are ensuring the worlds of creativity and technology continue to thrive. By taking alternative approaches to traditional marketing techniques, Mind Katalyst is able to ensure companies and organizations everywhere are at the touchpoints of innovation.

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