Her Dog Photography Company Is Helping Pups Across the Nation

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More and more people are opting to adopt dogs from shelters, but there are still millions of furry friends waiting for a loving home. To bring awareness to shelter dogs in need of adoption, photographer Amanda Hedlund co-created RoverWorks with photographer Andrew Grant. Customers can purchase an edition of the Rover coffee table book featuring dog portraits, book a photo shoot for their dog, sponsor a homeless dog to be featured in Rover, or help rescue organizations. To date, RoverWorks has raised over $3 million for animal rescues nationwide. 

“My partner and I photograph dogs, including those currently living in a rescue,” Hedlund tells CircleAround. “I handle day-to-day logistics of a national tour raising funds for pet rescues in over 20 cities while increasing Rover book sales and distribution.”

The first edition includes 300 pages featuring professional photographs of 100 dogs alongside their adoption stories. While Hedlund says the publishing journey was challenging, the book was eventually promoted by Ellen DeGeneres, giving RoverWorks a much larger audience. Now the company has smaller versions of the book that are included in the Be Kind by Ellen Edition subscription box. 

Hedlund spearheads partnership efforts with pet rescues, philanthropists, retailers, media, and key partners. She also manages casting events to find unique dogs to include in the book for free.

Bridging Relationships Between Donors and Dogs

“The RoverWorks company has developed a unique fundraising tool for animal rescues to offer new and existing donors a chance to have their dog(s) photographed, and included in the next edition of Rover,” she explains. “We have bridged countless relationships between generous donors and rescues that live on long after the Rover book photo shoot.” 

RoverWorks also continues to raise funds for animal shelters through dog-portrait donations. Those interested in having their pooch on the pages of a Rover coffee table book provide Hedlund’s company with a donation, which is used to support local shelters.

Hedlund is currently working on the seventh edition of Rover, which previously required a level of nomadic living. Because of the Rover project, she has been able to explore some of the most interesting parts of America and visited nearly all 50 states.

She loves getting to capture a photo of a dog and hearing their owner respond with something like, "You've captured his personality!" But more importantly, she says she loves building exposure for rescue animals.

“When we photograph a dog living in a rescue, they show us their true personalities and tricks. We can leave knowing that they will be adopted in no time!”

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