She's Using the Power of the Internet To Help Therapists

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Jessica Tappana is proof that you can run two successful businesses that feel like completely different entities but actually intertwine very well. The Girl Scouts alum and Columbia, Missouri, local is a licensed clinical social worker, and owner of Simplified SEO Consulting, Her company provides digital marketing services to help counselors and therapists grow their businesses.

“As a teenager, I saw an amazing therapist who taught me the value of taking care of your mental health,“ Tappana tells CircleAround. “From there, I learned the importance of people finding a safe space and have taught to provide that in my own private practice and help others provide it through my work in SEO [search engine optimization].”

Tappana opened her private practice in 2017, providing services for trauma therapy and group psychotherapy services. But she knew she could serve more than just her patients in this progressive field: She could help other therapists like herself reach new patients beyond their immediate communities.

"I started Simplified SEO Consulting after I taught myself SEO and grew my own private practice that way."

She taught a group of her peers some of her SEO knowledge after attending a business-building retreat for therapists. From this experience, Tappana realized there was a need for her valuable skillset in the market, and this led her to open Simplified SEO Consulting.

The company now serves therapists around the country who are trying to rank well on Google to increase their intake, but it also helps clients who might not otherwise have direct access to therapy or those who require specialized services.

Impact as Inspiration

Since 2018, Tappana's team has grown successfully and has scaled well. Her team of six “helps those in the helping professions (often mental health professionals) get their websites in front of more of their ideal clients.” Their offerings are as hands-on or assistive as needed with services like Done for You, which optimizes pages for the site owner, and SEO training where Tappana and her team teach other business owners to optimize their own sites.

All of this keeps Tappana busy, but she enjoys the ability to switch between providing therapy and help to other therapists. “I still see about eight counseling clients a week in my practice and run my private practice,” she explains. “Additionally, I still do most of the SEO training at Simplified SEO. My team does the majority of the Done for You optimizing, but I'm still closely involved doing a lot of troubleshooting and doing at least a little optimizing myself each month.”

Currently, Tappana is looking to revamp her SEO training services, and develop some ways to give her Done for You clients even more value as many therapy services are growing due to telehealth.

"Life is better when you're doing work that is meaningful to you."

"Every day, I keep going because I know I'm making a difference. Through my individual counseling work, I change the lives of a few individuals at a time. As a group practice owner, I can help my community find healing. As an SEO guru, I'm helping therapists around the country (and some internationally) help a vast number of people. When I have a rough day, thinking of that impact keeps me going.”

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