Her Marketing Agency Is 100% Staffed By Women

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It’s important that women carve out space for themselves in the advertising world, a male-dominated industry where sexism persists. Girl Scout alum Debby Girvan is doing just that. She’s the president and owner of Flair Communication, a marketing agency that is entirely staffed by women.

“We work with small to midsize businesses, nonprofits, and government clients,” Girvan tells CircleAround. “We even work with a professional athlete and a YouTube star. My business has grown significantly year over year, almost exclusively via referral.”

We caught up with Girvan to learn more about her agency.

CA: How did you start your own digital marketing business?

DG: I started my business as a marketing consultant, which quickly developed into a full-service digital-marketing agency providing custom website design, SEO, and related branding and marketing services (social media marketing, Google Ads, email marketing, SEO, graphic and logo design). I loved that I could combine my technical and marketing experience with creative skills to build high-performance websites for clients to help them meet their marketing goals.

"Continue to challenge yourself to do better. Exceeding client expectations creates invaluable brand advocates."

CA: How do you stay grounded in a field where people still aspire to the "Mad Men" lifestyle?

DG: Winning design awards is always gratifying, but what keeps us motivated every day is being able to deliver results for clients that exceed their expectations. We have a client who has been in business since 1957, and they told us our marketing efforts the past few months have generated the biggest increase in business in their history. That, and the relationships we've developed with clients, are what makes what we do so rewarding.

CA: What changes have you made to help advance women in the industry?

DG: Our staff happens to be 100 percent women. Since we are so close to a local university, we offer growth and career opportunities for young women with the hope to hire them after graduation. It's important to me to support a supportive business culture that builds confidence, independence, and fun in our work environment.

CA: How did the global pandemic affect your business?

DG: We developed a website and marketing services for local businesses as a free service to help them promote their gift-card sales to help mitigate setbacks due to COVID-19. fredgiftcards.com. It was a way for us to help local businesses in our community during a troubling time.

CA: What is one piece of advice you can provide to someone looking to break into your field?

DG: Continue to challenge yourself to do better. Exceeding client expectations creates invaluable brand advocates who love to help you promote your business. Surround yourself with a team that not only seeks to learn and grow but are good people. I feel integrity, character, and initiative are the most important qualities an employee can have.

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