How I’m Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

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I wear many hats and have many different titles (business school graduate, pastry chef, recipe developer, food blogger, food photographer, writer, wife, etc.). It is easy for me to get lost in why I am not qualified to do these things. More often than I would like to admit, I feel like an impostor — like at any second someone is going to pop out of the woodwork and reveal my true identity to the world.

One of the biggest ways that I see "impostor syndrome" manifest in my life is when someone asks me for advice. I have been successful in my field in a relatively short amount of time, and I was recently able to quit my full-time job because of that success. But when people send me messages asking for advice, I immediately feel unqualified. How am I supposed to tell someone else how I managed to reach these big goals of mine when I feel like 75 percent of it was just luck?

Impostor Syndrome — Practical Advice

I have learned how to deal with these thoughts in a few ways. First of all, I like to take a step back and look at my life from an outsider's perspective. I wouldn’t see someone else in my place who is doing all of the things I have done and think they got lucky. I would see that they have worked hard and made their dreams come true. This helps me to center myself about how I got to where I am. Yes, some of it might have been luck — or whatever you want to call it — but most of it was just busting my butt.

If that doesn’t help, I talk to my husband or my friends about it. They are my biggest supporters and always remind me of who I am. They see the hard work firsthand and are always willing to give me the boost I need.

In my home office, I have several quotes hanging above my desk ("Yes, you can." "Get your hopes up." "Deep breath. Stay the course. Don't quit."). I call them my “power quotes” and reading them always makes me feel better. They help me to push aside the negative thoughts and remember that I’m all of the things I listed and more — and an impost0r is not one of those things.

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Ellie Haley

 Ellie Haley is a food photographer, recipe developer, food blogger, and pastry chef based in Waco, Texas where she lives... See Full Bio

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