This Woman Helps Female-Led Businesses with Her Marketing Company

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In 2020, many businesses had to pivot their overall strategies to stand out and adapt to the changing times. Eunice Hong Carter, a Girl Scout alum, is a veteran when it comes to evolving marketing strategies. She’s a business owner and employs her experience to help others be agile and grow their businesses, as well. 

"People might not remember exactly what you've said to them, but they will always remember how you made them feel."

“I am the owner of Accrescent Marketing, a marketing strategy and analytics company,” Carter tells CircleAround. “We work with companies to build brands, but primarily with organizations that are led by women, are owned by women, or are for women — from baby products to hair care to accessories, and even services where mom or the woman in the household is the chief family officer in major home-related decisions, like home remodeling, planning vacations, and even what pet food to purchase.” 

We caught up with Carter to learn more about her work, the new trends emerging in the marketing industry, and why she thinks supporting female-led businesses is important. 

CA: What marketing trends have you seen emerge in the past year?

EHC: During this pandemic, some brands and products are re-inventing themselves, and some are finding better opportunities to connect and to be relevant with consumers. 

We made some quick adjustments early in the pandemic for a pet-food brand, as there were increased pressures on the supply chain. We found areas where selling direct-to-consumer through online platforms and leveraging the consumer's increased time spent on social media, would be a strong strategy.

CA: What are some aspects of your industry that continue to surprise you?

EHC: Our biggest challenge is keeping up with emerging media and staying up-to-date on data-compliance laws. Media is ever-evolving, as technology gets stronger, better, and focused on the consumer experience. As a result, data privacy becomes better defined and guardrails are created. There's a ripple effect in how we, our clients, and our partners adapt and comply. 

CA: Are there any moments that made you feel especially proud to be working in marketing?

EHC: During my time at Saatchi & Saatchi, my strategy for Cheerios resulted in a Cannes Media Lion Finalist award. As a newcomer in the industry, it was like getting nominated for an Oscar. Beginner's luck!

CA: Why do you think it’s important to support female-led businesses?

EHC: Women supporting women as an act of encouragement and empowerment needs to continue with more initiatives from individuals to step up — not just Hollywood or C-Suite women. 

The fears of competition, back-stabbing, and toxic female relationships in the professional world do not need to exist. This behavior drags not just those involved down, but it pulls all of us down. As we all rise, we need to pull-up others despite credit or praise. If you're helping only for praise, you're not helping — you're selfishly gaining. The success earned from one is because others paved and pulled — it's all of our success.

CA: What’s your biggest takeaway from working in marketing? 

EHC: I've learned that there is a difference between being assertive and being aggressive. I've learned how to be and not to be as a manager and as a business owner. 

As my husband and I have taught our children in living with values and integrity — people might not remember exactly what you've said to them, but they will always remember how you made them feel.

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