How to Avoid Being Guilty About Money

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Overspending is something that nearly every single person in this country falls prey to. Whether it be on food or clothes or unnecessary Amazon purchases, everyone has a vice that makes it easy to overspend. However, it is important to know the difference between a well-deserved splurge and overspending. While being financially responsible and even frugal is absolutely required at certain times in life, learning how to avoid guilt when it comes to spending and splurging allows for us to heal our relationship with money and find peace no matter how stressed we may be over money. 

Splurging Versus Overspending 

Overspending can best be characterized as careless buying that often leads to you feeling more stressed out than before swiping your credit card. Overspending tends to lead to bigger issues such as credit card debt or an over-drafted bank account, and though it can at times be premeditated, overspending is most often done impulsively. This impulsivity tends to result in you having more to deal with following your shopping spree. Unless you are totally ignorant to the realities and consequences of spending money that you don’t have, overspending tends to make you feel worse once the high has worn off. On top of that, there is usually no real gain or purpose to overspending. The items that are purchased are usually wasteful or useless, providing no real or substantial joy or benefit to our lives. One of the most desired uses of money is to make our lives easier or more convenient, and overspending is counterproductive in the sense that it complicates our lives further, providing little to no relief. 

Splurging, on the other hand, can be seen as an act of self-care. Now, before you start rolling your eyes, hear me out. When done irresponsibly or with a lack of caution, splurging can easily turn into overspending. However, that means it is no longer splurging. The whole point of a splurge is that it is special and not done often. In many ways, splurging can be seen as a tool to add a little luxury to our lives. Though it is never a good idea to rely on shopping or spending money for a serotonin boost, being able to splurge on something that you’ve either wanted for a long while — or will truly make a difference in your day-to-day experience — can help not only make our lives a little better, but motivate us to be able to make meaningful splurges more often. Even if it sounds funny, it does seem that gratitude and thankfulness can be the biggest receptors of abundance. So all in all, a healthy splurge every once in a while is not only good for our mental health, but it improves our relationship with money (and attracting more of it) as well. 

Tips for Avoiding Overspending

In order to ensure that your splurging does not turn into overspending, follow these tips:

  • Monitor the frequency of your splurging: don’t be overly cautious about limiting yourself, but also be realistic.
  • Try to splurge on items or experiences that will have longevity rather than fleeting satisfaction. Also, try splurging on items that you actually need rather than frivolous items that hold little to no value. 
  • Avoid splurging when feeling overly distressed or emotional. 
  • Remember that making mistakes with money is inevitable, so show yourself some grace when feeling any sort of spending regret. Indulging in that guilt, too, can often make it easier to be numb to those feelings, resulting in even more overspending.

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