How This Independent Publishing Company Supports Writers

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Starting a business is no easy task, but Blaise Ramsay was determined to make her dream of supporting writers a reality. Three years ago, author and Girl Scout alumni Ramsay founded FyreSyde Publishing with her husband, John. Now, their multi-layered business has grown beyond their expectations. 

Ramsay and her husband founded FyreSyde Publishing as an indie-author brand back in 2017, but decided they wanted it to be something more. “We wanted to open our doors to the publishing world,” Ramsay tells CircleAround, "and give authors looking for a home a place that offered them an experience where the publisher and author worked hand-in-hand to make their books a success."

Today, the Texas-based Ramsay runs three businesses: a small press, an independent bookstore, and a freelance ghostwriting business. Their small press provides publishing, marketing, and promotion for books written by the authors they showcase. They maintain mutually beneficial relationships between writer and publisher to ensure the process is supportive and easy for all involved.

“Many of our authors who work with us have said they're happy they found us because we never make them wait during any part of the publishing process,” says Ramsay. “We offer feedback as they're writing their books and make sure they know they aren't alone when it comes to marketing.”

The books they print, and many others, are located in an attached bookstore. It provides a space not only for the authors they work with but for indie authors who want their books sold to an already established readership. 

"What I want people to take away from my story is that it is possible. You have to sacrifice something — many times it's sleep — to see your goal fulfilled. It's daunting, but it can be done."

“I provide many roles within the company,” Ramsay tells CircleAround. "These include editing, formatting, manuscript feedback, and scheduling marketing events. Other roles are delegated to freelancers we have worked hard to find and [we] keep [them] on what's known as our shortlist. These are people we know and trust to get the job done.”

In light of current events, FyreSyde Publishing has started accepting more authors. At present, they work with 10 authors and still receive queries. Ramsay has created a new anthology series to accommodate authors who can’t be onboarded immediately. “Right now, our primary focus is to release the three books by our authors for the rest of this year.” 

Ramsay, who is an author herself, is currently working on a new paranormal mystery series, and celebrating the re-release of her paranormal-romance series, which was recently picked up by a new publisher. “That's four books of my own released this year with a forecasted five next year. We are going to be very busy next year!”

Sacrifice Your Social Media

While running her businesses is exciting and provides an outlet for creativity, Ramsay finds that the biggest challenge is time and team management. “We have to constantly check up on where our authors, bloggers, and designers are at all times to make sure we meet release dates,” she says. “This can get stressful and sometimes nights can run long. Marketing and advertising can get strenuous, as well.” 

However, she knows it’s worth it when she gets to see her authors getting their books released into the world. “It is always a thrill to send out author copies and see them hold their books in their hands.”

“What I want people to take away from my story is that it is possible,” Ramsay states. “You have to sacrifice something — many times it's sleep — to see your goal fulfilled. I have two kids, both young, but knowing this, I took a look at my day and listed out empty spaces I could use to build my businesses. Be willing to give up things like social media, Netflix, and video gaming for at least 30 minutes a day. You'd be surprised what you can accomplish. And, of course, never give up. It can be done. It's daunting, but it can be done.”

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