Why I Chose a Career in Job Recruitment

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Arguably, no one grows up wanting to become a job recruiter. It’s one of those careers that most people fall into. I am no exception. I fell into recruitment (a.k.a. headhunting, in which you help companies fill positions and help job seekers find work) back in 2013. And while it wasn’t exactly a planned career move, there are a handful of reasons I love what I do.

First, recruitment is all about people. I find candidates with the skills and expertise that my organization needs. No matter the industry, people are the most important asset in any organization. Hiring the right ones is the best way to help a company reach its goals.

Being a recruiter is a lot like being a matchmaker: It’s about matching the right candidate with the right hiring manager. This requires a lot of creativity and strategic thinking. Employers are often looking for a “unicorn,” and I have to think outside the box about how to find the right person.

Job Recruitment Is All About Connections

Recruitment is also centered on connection. Anyone can interview a candidate or make a quick pitch about the benefits of their company. But successful recruiters go beyond the surface to build a real connection.

When I meet with someone, I find out about their experience, expertise, goals, motivations, and values so I can get a 360-degree view of that person. This helps ensure they are indeed the right fit for the job and that they will actually stay in the position and grow within the company.

Many of my recruits have become my friends. I regularly get notes from people I placed five years earlier just to thank me. Knowing that I am bringing professional and personal value to people’s lives is truly a joy. I feel lucky that I get to do it for a living.

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