How One Woman Helps eCommerce Work for You

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It’s easy to fall into a rabbit hole of listicles naming the best kitchen gadgets, the coziest sweaters for fall, the best tech gear for making social media videos — the list of lists goes on and on. But what most readers don’t realize is that these products come vetted and approved with standards and partnerships developed by eCommerce departments.

Mallory Johns is one woman working hard to ensure the eCommerce space is best serving consumers, and that the products on listicles actually merit a recommendation. Johns is the Director of Business Development, eCommerce at Vox Media, handling business development and affiliate marketing efforts on behalf of their network of publications. Johns previously served in various engagement and social media roles at Lacoste, Popular Science, and Engadget.

CircleAround caught up with Johns to learn more about her field and how it’s changed since she began.

CA: How did you get started at Vox, and how did your career path grow?

MJ: Originally when I came to Vox Media, I oversaw audience development and social media marketing for our shopping content to get more eyeballs on our work. Over time, my role has shifted to be more focused on partnerships, strategic planning, and growth of the business across the company.

CA: What most excites you about your work?

MJ: Some of the most exciting moments in my career have been centered around on-the-ground event coverage for social media. I've had the unique experience of covering the Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES) not once, but twice. When President Obama came to Austin for SXSW in 2016, I was there watching him disembark from Air Force One and live streaming on Periscope. And probably one of the craziest experiences of my career was meeting Lindsay Lohan after I'd been ghost-tweeting as her for an app launch.

CA: Now that in-person events are on pause, what are your plans?

MJ: The pandemic has been one of the biggest challenges of my career so far, but it's been rewarding in that it has forced me to be more strategic in my planning and to pivot quickly when taking advantage of new opportunities. Currently, I'm focusing on the shifting role of eCommerce and entertainment consumption during the pandemic. We just wrapped a two-day sale for The Strategist — which I had a hand in developing and overseeing — and I've been working with our editorial teams on fleshing out their entertainment coverage plans for streaming services (like Disney+, Peacock, and more).

CA: What skills have you developed working in the eCommerce publishing space?

MJ: I've learned how to manage multiple timelines and workflows from my past experience as a social media manager. This experience, and covering fast-paced breaking news events, has also made me a nimble content creator and willing to experiment quickly when producing and distributing content.

CA: Any advice for people looking to get involved in this kind of work?

MJ: Three pieces of advice I would give from my own experience would be:

  • Always be well-read! I consume a lot of media so I can be informed about the industry.
  • Be humble. I'm not about egos, so I'm always cognizant of being a team player, and willing to provide advice or help another colleague.
  • Be nimble. Throughout my career, I've always been willing to be flexible, take new opportunities, and explore new ways to tackle any obstacles I've come up against.

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