Look Out for These 3 Red Flags in Your Relationship

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Romantic relationships can be some of the most fulfilling and tricky connections you’ll have in your lifetime, which is often why it can be really hard to know whether or not you should stay in your current relationship. It can be confusing if your partner is kind and smart but has no sense of humor. Should you break up with them if you find yourself bored often? Or maybe your partner isn’t ambitious and expects you to pay for everything. Should you go for broke or break up? 

Perhaps your own romantic connection is just like these or even full of other red flags you’re not immediately clocking. Here are three of the red flags in a relationship that the experts suggest you keep abreast of:

1Not Accepting ‘Bids’

A psychotherapist on TikTok known as Your Pocket Therapist recently shared that the most telling thing about a relationship is how a partner responds to their person’s request for attention. “An experiment showed that how couples respond to the other’s bid for attention determines if they will stay together,” she explains in a video, adding that a bid is a person making an attempt at connection. 

Bids can include anything from making an audible sigh or remarking on a bird passing by. “Couples who responded positively to bids were 80% more likely to stay together in a year than those who responded negatively or didn’t respond,” she emphasized.

2Humiliating One Another

A couples therapist on Reddit revealed in a thread this year that “any kind of display of humiliating the other is never a good sign” and it often “paints a good picture of how they really are at home.”


This one may seem obvious, but it can sometimes be a bit more insidious than you realize. Catching your partner in repeated white lies, Samara Quintero, a licensed marriage and family therapist at Choosing Therapy, told Insider. “can make it difficult to build a solid foundation in the relationship or destroy one that you've already built.”

The Bottom Line

Knowing when to walk away and having the courage to do so can certainly be a Herculean effort, but it’s crucial you don’t let “self-criticism hijack the process,” says Psychology Today.They stress the importance of focusing on building “yourself up from the inside out” and working “on feeling good about yourself from deep within, not because of a romantic partner.” You’ve got this.

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